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The Be Psychic Free Course

How to Overcome Over-Dependency or Addiction

to Psychics and Tarot Readers

Do you want to Be Psychic Free?  

Are you worried you may be over-dependent (or even addicted) to phoning tarot readers or psychic telephone lines?  Anxious about your relationship, career or what is going to happen next in your life, so you call a psychic?

Do you want to learn how to create your own ideal future?  Then this course is for you!

You’ll learn how to control the need to contact psychics and tarot readers, calm your anxiety and discover ways to craft an exciting future for yourself.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You feel totally overwhelmed with what is going on in your life and repeatedly seek psychic help to gain ‘clarity’ over your situation.

  • You feel guilty about the amount of money you spend on psychic readings, or find yourself in debt because of them.

  • You tell yourself that you need to stop this behaviour but then cave in for ‘just one more reading’.

  • You become anxious about the possible outcome of a situation and cannot wait for life to unfold itself – you want to know right now what’s going to happen.

  • You jump from psychic to psychic to ‘verify’ the information you have been given by previous psychics.


If so, you need the Be Psychic Free course.  You’ll learn how to calm your anxiety about the future, consider the options and then create your own ideal future, using a variety of tools that will give you the ability to stand in your own power and understand how to utilize the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

Why learn from me?  Because with over 40 years experience of a tarot reader, I understand what it means to be psychic and be able to help people.  But it also means that I've dealt with a lot of people who had become dependent on readings.  And because I trained in life coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT tapping and much more, I'm uniquely placed to understand the problem and how to overcome it.

Take a look at the Be Psychic Free course, which is a workbook with audios and videos, plus bonus materials, to help you break free from psychic addiction.

Discover how it feels to ‘Be Psychic Free’ now and learn how to be confident in your ability to decide your own destiny.


Click on this link to find out more: Be Psychic Free - Stop Phoning Psychics & Tarot Readers (

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