Speak Yourself Happy

Use Switchwords to Create Your Ideal Life


Published April 2019 - Available in Kindle format


What if you could use just one word to change your life?

Have you ever had the experience of saying something random that suddenly materialised out of nowhere? A moment where you used the words ‘I wish’ only to find out what you wished for was now in front of you? Perhaps there have been times when the words uttered turned into something that wasn’t quite what you wanted.


‘Wow, that’s weird,’ you think, while contemplating how exactly you managed to elicit such magic or misfortune – depending on the result.


Maybe with the longing to create outstanding change in your life, you’ve experimented with the law of attraction in numerous ways, or repeated affirmations over and over again in an effort to convince the cosmic forces (and yourself!) that you deserve all that you require and desire.

But what if there were words that you could use that would state your desired intention in a clear and concise way. And in a way that would be accepted without a fight between your conscious and subconscious mind?

Imagine if you could use just one word to open up a whole new world before you. A world that previously seemed unavailable to you. Well, now you can… Welcome to the world of Switchwords!

This book will show you how to ‘flip’ switches in your mind using words that directly influence your subconscious mind to create the results you want. Read it now and discover how you can easily master your mind and be the person you’ve always wanted to become!

Buy your copy here:  Speak Yourself Happy

Write Yourself Happy: 

Your Pen is Your Wand – Create Your Ideal Future with the Law of Attraction – Simply by Writing!

Published January 2019 – available in Kindle format.

•    Are you curious about the Law of Attraction?
•    Do you need to power up your ability to manifest the things you want?
•    What if you can do that – quickly and easily?


This book will teach you the alchemy of the written word and the secrets to creating your ideal future, using the law of attraction… and your pen! 

With amazingly effective writing exercises that will take you beyond mere words into the magic of the universe, you’ll find that you can magnetically attract what you desire with ease.

Buy your copy here:  Write Yourself Happy




Tap Yourself Happy

How to Use Aromatherapy and Energy Psychology to Become Happier

Published February 2020 – Available in Kindle Format

Are you in a constant worry loop that you can’t switch off?

Do you start something with good intentions, only to find yourself procrastinating and never finishing?

Do you want to find a way to overcome emotional blocks and a lack of confidence in your abilities?

Do you want to relieve yourself of negative thought patterns?

What if you could change your mindset using essential oils, simply tapping on acupuncture points, and clearing up your home?

Inside this book you’ll find a guide to transforming yourself using ‘fragrant tapping’, a combination of essential oils, understanding energetic processes and an easy-to-learn technique, which will help you to overcome problems, be more creative, and simply relax and enjoy life.

So, what are you waiting for? Tap Yourself Happy!

Buy your copy here:   Tap Yourself Happy


How to Ask Angels to Light Up Your Path: 
A Practical Guide to Connecting with Angels 

If you’ve ever wondered if there is something more to life than what you can see, more than you had ever imagined. And you’re beginning to think that those coincidences in your life are perhaps too ‘woo-woo’ to contemplate – then this book is for you. Angels exist of that, I have no doubt. 

This is a practical, pragmatic and hands-on guide to calling on angels to assist you to achieve concrete goals and help you to obtain the necessities of life. They can certainly do all of that, even while sitting on their hands. It is also a handbook to becoming more of the real you, the you that lies underneath the lack of self-esteem, the lack of confidence and the lack of – fill in the blank – that pervades most of your days. The inner you, which peeks out from behind the dark clouds of the daily grind now and then, hoping to discover a stronger sense of self, is about to find that wishes can come true. This is where angels excel.

So, what are you waiting for? Let me tell you my story and show you how angels are there for you too. Take my hand and allow me to guide you back to the inner knowing that has been within you all along. Let’s do this!

Buy your copy here:  How to Ask Angels to Light Up Your Path


Medium Rare

The True Life Story of Spiritualist Medium 
Ronnie Buckingham

I’m thrilled to say this book, which I co-authored with the amazing spiritualist medium, Ronnie Buckingham, achieved Amazon Bestseller status within two days.  I’m doing the happy dance!

It’s been a wonderful journey helping Ronnie to write his autobiography.  I discovered so much about  this incredible man, who has dedicated himself to helping others to heal by connecting them with their loved ones who have passed over.

Why I decided to help Ronnie write his book

Although I have an interest in all things spiritual and psychic, I also maintain a healthy skepticism and am not easily convinced.  It was quite by chance that I attended one of Ronnie’s clairvoyance evenings.  


Dragged along by a friend,  I received a long and detailed message from my dear friend, who had passed over fifteen years ago.  


The message was astoundingly accurate.  He told me things that absolutely nobody else knew about.  Ronnie was definitely, without doubt, the real deal.

When he mentioned that in his earlier years he had spent time in prison, I knew I had to write his story.  I made a request to the Universe to make this happen.  Lo and behold, within two weeks, Ronnie and I were discussing the outline of his story. Totally amazing!  


So far the book has received over 300 five star reviews.  I’m so grateful for all the lovely peeps who have taken the time to give a review.  

Buy your copy here:  Medium Rare - Ronnie Buckingham

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