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by ruthy baker

the switchwords journal






What if you could use just one word to change your life?

Maybe with the longing to create outstanding change in your life, you've experimented with the Law of Attraction, or repeated affirmations over and over, to convince the cosmic forces (and yourself!) that you deserve all that you require and desire.

But what if there were words you could use that would state your desired intention clearly and concisely, without self-sabotaging behaviour or failing at the first hurdle?

Imagine if you could use just one word to open up a whole new world before you. A world that previously seemed unavailable to you. Well, now you can…

Welcome to the world of Switchwords!

This journal will be your guide on how to use Switchwords to 'flip' switches in your mind using words that directly influence your subconscious mind, together with the Law of Attraction, to create the results you want.


Buy it now and discover how you can easily master your mind and be the person you've always wanted to become.

The Switchwords Journal will help you to clarify how you would like your life to be, focus on your goals and decide which Switchwords to use, as well as record your results.  The Switchwords Journal also includes a 30 Day Journal section to help you develop new and supportive habits as you work with your chosen switchwords.

Get your copy here - please click on the link:  The Switchwords Journal - How to Use the Magic of One-Word Mantras to Transform Your Life!


the angel journal

discover the magic of angels

and transform your life

Do you believe in angels? Learn how to connect with your angels - the modern way!


This Angel Journal is designed to help you to introduce the magic of angels into your life.

But it’s not just a journal, it’s a workbook too and has been created to help you deepen your connection to your personal angels.

My wish is for you to experience the joy of discovering that angels really do exist and are waiting within their enfolded wings for you to call upon them.


The journal is designed to gently guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and what you truly desire, in order to ask the angels for the help you really need.  So, pick up your pen and prepare yourself for transformation with the help of your angels!

It's a journal and goal setting workbook - with an angelic sprinkling of magical thinking and is available via Amazon.


Get your copy here - please click on the link:  The Angel Journal - Discover The Magic of Angels and Transform Your Life!

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