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life coaching

are you ready to make the changes you need?

Isn’t it strange that we’ll spend our money on cars, holidays and fancy goods, yet when it comes to investing our money in our wellbeing and happiness, we think twice about it.

And yet, the ability to think and act with clarity, to navigate through life with a sense of ease and confidence… is absolutely priceless!

Imagine dealing with all your challenges from a place of security, peacefulness, self-belief, and feeling comfortable within yourself. 

Wouldn’t that help you to create the future you want for yourself?  Yes, of course it would.  In fact, getting your life back on track is a no brainer!  

So, I offer life coaching sessions integrated with various therapies, specifically for you, such as:


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Energy EFT

Thought Field Therapy

Future Life Progression

Meridian Tapping

Reflective Repatterning

Kinetic Shift Technique

Flower Remedies








But here’s what I need from you – commitment! 


The willingness to practice the techniques I teach you, to keep a journal between sessions so that you can chart your progress, and to keep the promises you make to yourself – with accountability – and no half-assed excuses!

I’m willing to work with you, but only if you’re prepared to put the work in.  Because anything worth having in life will only work for you – if you work it.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch –  and let’s get started! 

Sessions are via Zoom or telephone and your investment is £120 per session.

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