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3 Visualizations for a Calmer, Happier You!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Do you need to calm down?

We all have things that leave us on edge. Sometimes it’s an event or a person (like a visit from someone who leaves you feeling drained). Sometimes we’re more anxious due to more significant issues, leaving us unsure of our safety and well-being, like the threat of redundancy or a relationship break-up. Whatever the case, anxiety is adept at derailing our lives and keeping us from accomplishing what we want and need to.

How do you handle this kind of nervous worrying? If you’re lucky, you eventually learn how to take it in your stride. For some people, their coping skills aren’t healthy. For others, they flounder, trying to find their way. If you’re in these latter groups, consider this: Visualization is a proven skill shown to reduce anxiety and create a calmer and happier you. Let’s explore how:

Go Somewhere Else

Feeling especially fearful? It’s time for a trip to feel someplace safe. For some, this might be the beach. Or perhaps you’d feel more at home by a mountain lake or city café sipping coffee. Wherever you feel the safest and most at home, you want to go there now in your mind. Start by sitting back and making yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and picture yourself in your favorite place. Add in every detail you can to make this experience as real as possible. Include all your senses in the background. Breathing deeply, holding yourself in this place until you feel calm and refreshed.

Unwind the Knots in Your Mind

Feeling all tense and coiled up inside? This usually comes when you’re holding back too many emotions. Picture yourself carrying around all these knotted emotions tangled up with words you’ve wanted to say all day but couldn’t. Make all these feelings into an imaginary ball of yarn. Now sit back and take several calming breaths as you withdraw this ball of yarn and hold it in your hand. Do you feel the weight? Good. Now drop it on the floor, holding onto the end of the string so that the ball rolls away from you, unraveling as it goes. Watch all the strands of yarn unwind, disappearing as they do. Stay in the vision until the entire ball is unwound and then let it go and watch if disappear off into the distance. Notice how you’re feeling lighter and more relaxed.

Shut it Out

Our thoughts can be noisy things. We hear so many voices in our heads, reminding of us deadlines, things to do, and people to see. Add to this the negative self-talk which creeps in occasionally and the half-heard phrases we’ve carried with us, which sound suspiciously like voices from your early life, and you’ve got a lot of chatter and no peace. For this kind of problem, visualize yourself in a room with a big open window. Set all these voices outside the window. Now, take a deep breath and shut the window firmly. This is a nice thick double-paned glass. You can no longer hear the voices when the window is closed. Now pop on some headphones and listen to music that gets your happy vibe on and makes you smile.

With visualizations like these, you teach your mind to remain calm. You’ll feel more control of your thoughts and emotions, and find you can deal with daily life and unexpected events with less stress and strife.

Remember, you’re in charge of what goes on in your mind!

Let me know how you get on with these techniques, I'd love to hear from you. And if there's a particular issue or subject that you'd like me to answer in a blog, please drop me a line!

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