August 2020 – Newsletter Issue 3

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

August 2020 already. Is it me, or is this year flying past, even though many of us have been under lockdown for months? Just goes to prove that time waits for no one…

July was a busy and productive month for me, but there was also plenty of downtime and happy moments enjoying the garden and the sunshine.

In this August 2020 newsletter you’ll find details of the new online course I’m working on for HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) who want to deal with their anxiety using natural methods. As someone who is an HSP, I know what it feels like to feel sensitive to the energies around you, as well as feeling overwhelmed and anxious as a result.

Please share my newsletter with others, as around 15-20% of the population are reported to be HSPs, so you probably know a few who could be helped by this course!

Ruthy Baker - Newsletter Issue 3
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I hope you have a great August 2020!

Ruthy x

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