Connect with Angels - The Modern Way!

Updated: Mar 13

Do you believe in angels? Do you want to learn how to connect with your angels?

Connect with your angels - the modern way!


This Angel Journal is designed to help you to introduce the magic of angels into your life.

But it’s not just a journal, it’s a workbook too and has been created to help you deepen your connection to your personal angels.

My wish is for you to experience the joy of discovering that angels really do exist and are waiting within their enfolded wings for you to call upon them.

Created for you by Ruthy Baker, author of How to Ask Angels to Light Up Your Path: A Practical Guide to Connecting with Angels.

The journal is designed to gently guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and what you truly desire, in order to ask the angels for the help you really need.

It’s designed to use with Goodnotes and Notability (if you don’t already have these you’ll need a separate app purchase – but so worth it!)

Pick up your digital pen and prepare yourself for transformation with the help of your angels!

It's a journal and goal setting workbook - with an angelic sprinkling of magical thinking - that you can use again and again!

Get your copy here - please click on the link: The Angel Journal - Discover The Magic of Angels and Transform Your Life!


So, from when I was very young, I believed in angels and would often see them in the clouds. But as I grew up, I forgot about the angels, along with the dragons, that floated across the blue sky before me. That was until angels entered into my life and helped me turn my life around. It's all in this book:

Let me share my story with you - please click on the link below: How to Ask Angels to Light Up Your Path: A Practical Guide to Connecting with Angels - Ruthy Baker:

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