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Do Others Make You Feel Nervous? Use the NLP Tiger Technique!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Are you shy and retiring? Feel nervous around other people? Perhaps you're an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) who gets overwhelmed in social situations, or an introvert who becomes drained by others. Maybe it's simply that other people make you feel unable to cope with their demands. Whatever the reason, you can become an tiger and learn how to feel more confident.

I love being a Tiger. According to Chinese astrology, I was born under the sign of the tiger, but I'm not admitting to which year! But this blog isn't about Chinese astrology. It's about a useful NLP technique that can help you feel less nervous around others. I call it the NLP Tiger Technique.

NLP Tiger Technique - A Great Resource for a Highly Sensitive Person

This is particularly useful if you're an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) who picks up on the energy of others around you and feels affected by it. As an HSP, my guess is that you often feel intimidated or drained by others, for instance in the workplace or in social settings. The NLP Tiger Technique can help you to develop a stronger energetic boundary around you. In turn, you'll find that the demands, thoughts and opinions of others simply 'bounce' off you, rather than leave you feeling mentally, emotionally and energetically depleted. It will help you protect your energy levels and have a stronger sense of self.

A few years ago, I attended a brilliant training given by Paul McKenna (the famous hypnotist) and Richard Bandler (one of the founders of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming). I learned loads of incredible mind hacks that as an HSP I found incredibly effective. Although when Bandler taught this particular technique he used the image of a cougar – I’m just not going there – here’s an outline of this great brain-train idea for when you need to feel confident and in control.

NLP Tiger Technique Process:

Think of a situation where you have to interact with someone who makes you feel nervous, Feel the sensations in your mind and body that you would normally feel in that situation. In your mind place both of you in an enclosed room. Notice how the thought of that situation makes you feel inside. It's likely that you'll feel the emotion/energy moving or spinning within.

Before you begin the process, on a scale of -10 (feeling absolutely petrified), up to 0 (feeling 'meh' not bothered), all the way up to +10 (you feel so good ain't nobody gonna worry you), jot down where you are on the scale.

Take a few deep breaths and then, in your mind's eye, shrink the other person down, making them smaller and smaller, until they are as tiny as a mouse. Start a conversation with them and, just to make it interesting, give them a ‘Mickey Mouse’ style squeaky voice. Notice how your feelings are changing and you are beginning to feel a tad more in control.

Now ramp up your sense of empowerment, and change yourself into a large ferocious cat. Personally, I love being a Tigress, but that’s just the way I roll. Feel how lithe and strong you are. Be aware of your sharp teeth and huge paws. Flex those claws. Notice how you are growing bigger and bigger, virtually filling the room.

Now, look at the tiny mouse-like person, squint menacingly, bare your teeth and… ROAR… “Your… Ass… Is… Mine!”

If you like, you can add a loud music track into the scene to intensify your performance. How about ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor?

Check in with how you feel. Where are you on the -10 to +10 scale? Note down the number. My guess is that you're feeling a bit less nervous now. You might even be smiling and feel the giggles bubbling up.

Repeat this exercise in your mind every day and observe how it changes the way you feel about that person. Remember to repeat the exercise often and also note down where you are on the -10 to +10 scale each time. It's important to write down your results to record your progress.

NLP Tiger or Energetic Tiger Process?

Interestingly, I find that when I use this strategy in my mind, the other person begins to act in a far friendlier manner towards me, without me uttering a single word to them. Strange eh? Maybe that's because the NLP Tiger Technique isn't just a way to change the way you view others or relate to them. Perhaps it's also a way to alter your own energetic vibe, which is turn affects how others view and relate to you.

Whatever the reason - go get 'em Tiger ;-)

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