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Future Life Progression Hypnosis

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

What if you could see your future for yourself? Are you curious about what the future holds? What if you could ask your future self? Perhaps you can – using the exciting Future Life Progression hypnosis technique.

I trained in Future Life Progression directly with Anne Jirsch, who founded the process and who wrote about her discoveries in the exciting book ‘The Future Is Yours.’ It was this book that led me to explore this incredible hypnosis technique and learn how to take others through the process.

What is Future Life Progression?

Through working with clients for over twenty years, Anne discovered that often when they underwent Past Life Regression, clients appeared to jump ahead into the future. Apparently she is not the only therapist to witness this happening. The book ‘The Future is Yours’ outlines some of her clients’ experiences and Anne, who honed her skills over a number of years, now trains others in this amazing technique.

Listen to Anne Jirsch as she talks about Future Life Progression:

What are the Benefits of Future Life Progression?

Is there something specific you want to examine. Or are you curious to peek at the opportunities ahead of you? Future Life Progression offers the chance to consider what knowledge the ‘future you’ might have to share with you. It’s a great coaching technique that helps you think about how to move forward with your life. And you can use it to fast-track ideas in your mind that you want to turn into reality.

Ask Your Future Self a Question

Where will you be in five or ten years time if you carry on the same path? How can you best use your creativity? Are there changes that you could make now to bring about a better future? Is there something that you want to change? The great thing with this technique is that you can get clear on what steps you can take now, to get you more on track with your goals. The main benefit is that Future Life Progression gives you the opportunity to think about the future you want.

What Happens during an FLP Session?

Initially there’s a consultation to determine your needs and the best timescale to work within. You will then be guided into a relaxed yet conscious trance state. This enables you to access the wisdom of your subconscious mind. Using your imagination, you will be taken forward in time to a place where you can enter into a future state. From there you examine the possibilities that can arise from the decisions and choices you make in the present. There will be the opportunity to ask your future self for guidance – and who better to ask?

If you have any current blocks, FLP may help to release them. Having the chance to determine the likely outcome from the various choices open to you puts you in the driving seat of your life. Then decide how to bring what you desire to you quickly and easily. And as you examine alternative futures, you might have a few surprises that you had never previously considered! Once the session is over, you are gently brought back and can begin to act on the knowledge you discover.

What’s the Outcome?

People report all kinds of inspirational ideas to move forward that they hadn’t thought about before. One interesting outcome is that some people find that the positive experiences they visualise in the FLP session happen quite quickly. Many others report they have much more confidence in themselves and their abilities.

But is the Future Fixed?

Not at all, your future is, and always has been, decided by the choices you decide to take in the present moment. You always have free will to make any choice or decision at any time – and that’s what determines your future.

How long do FLP Sessions take?

Sessions are normally between 1 and 1.5 hours. If you would like to know more about this new technique that is taking the hypnosis world by storm, then please get in touch.

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Want to learn more about Future Life Progression?

Anne Jirsch is an incredible therapist and trainer. Yup – I’m a huge fan because it was one of the most eye-opening trainings I’ve ever been on. In this book, she writes about some of the techniques she uses with her clients, that you can try for yourself. Buy this book! Click on the link below: The Future Is Yours: Introducing Future Life Progression – the dynamic technique that reveals your destiny – Anne Jirsch:

Do you want to know how to get ahead in your career? Thinking about starting your own business? Anne Jirsch’s latest book has a focus on business, career and your working life. ‘Future Visioning will help anyone to get ahead in their chosen line of work.’ It’s a riveting read and definite must buy. Buy this book! Click on the link below: Future Vision Your Working Life: 10 Strategies to Help You Get Ahead – Anne Jirsch:

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