Updated: Mar 13

It’s nearly Halloween…

Talking of which, did you know in my spare time I enjoy ghost-writing?!

If you’re into all things spiritual and the odd ‘bump-in-the-night’ moment, and instead of trick or treat, you want to curl up at Halloween with a book about ‘the other side’ then take a look at the Amazon bestseller – Medium Rare – The True Story of Spiritualist Medium Ronnie Buckingham – which I co-authored.

Ronnie is not only an incredible medium, but is also a thoroughly great bloke, with an amazing story to share with the world. From prison to healing hearts, find out more here!

Get your Halloween read here!

Click on the link below:

And if you want to discover how and why I helped Ronnie write his book, take a look at the January 2021 issue of Chat – It’s Fate, because all will be revealed!! Clue below…

There’s nothing more satisfying than doing a spot of ghost-writing (especially at Halloween!) because I get to read the story first!

So far, I’ve ghost-written or edited ten books, including an Amazon bestseller and a book that was optioned by the BBC for dramatization, as well as publishing my own books. Helping others to achieve their goals, whether through life-coaching or through books, is my passion!

If you would like to discuss a ghost-writing project with me, feel free to contact me.

And there’s more…

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