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How to Deal with Anger

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

How to deal with anger is a problem that many people ask about. It’s a common problem for my clients who have an addiction to psychics and tarot readers. They become livid with themselves for the time and money spent on psychic telephone lines or tarot readings. It's also a problem for people who self-sabotage themselves because they don't deal with their anger effectively.

Anger is an emotion that often gets a bad press. Why is that? Everyone gets angry now and then, some of us get angry very often. Some can control anger. Some of us express our anger freely, others suppress it. Why do we get angry? Is there any way to control it? How to deal with anger?

Is Anger a Useful Emotion?

Personally, I believe anger can be a useful emotion. When you’re in a flunk and someone comes along and deliberately presses your buttons, acts negatively towards you or puts you down, then anger can be a good thing. It feels empowering to lose your shit now and then!

The problem is when anger is your conditioned response. Someone says something you don’t like, and you snap back. You’re thwarted from carrying out Plan A and become so angry you don’t even consider Plan B… or C… or anything else in fact.

Often how you react to something is just how you were taught to respond. Perhaps when you were growing up, the people around you reacted with anger when they didn’t get their own way. Maybe you internalized those reactions and flew off the handle without really understanding why. It’s a case of ‘re-enacting’ what you experienced.

Why Learn How to Deal with Anger?

Why learn how to deal with anger? Because there’s the danger that feeling angry with yourself or others leads to the belief that you’re unable to control your emotions or actions. This, in turn, can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it doesn’t need to be.

Many techniques can help you understand and control your anger. Counselling and anger management helps in many cases by going to the root cause of the emotion and learning how to deal with anger. But traditional forms of anger management are not the only way. Eastern traditions, such as acupuncture and acupressure, can be useful to control emotions.

If you need to get control over your anger, then be open to exploring new options. As you learn to relax and live your life with a sense of ease, you'll discover that calm is the new superpower!

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An Alternative Way to Deal with Anger:

Try this technique, based on eastern acupressure, which is useful when you start to feel angry and pissed off, and let me know how it works for you - click on the link:

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Once you accept that you are angry, you need to understand where the nature of your anger by determining its origins, its triggers, and the signs your body produces to indicate that the anger is about to surface. Once you realize this, you can quickly take control of the situation. The techniques this book offers to deal with your anger once you have understood it includes pausing before you react, calmly expressing your anger, practicing empathy, redirecting your focus from the triggers of anger, and how to channel your anger in a creative way. Want to discover more? Click on the link below: Anger Management: 12 Step Guide to Recognize and Control Anger, Develop Emotional Intelligence, and Self-Discipline by Ray Vaden:

In Anger Management: How to Take Control of Your Emotions and Find Joy in Life, you will find the loving and gentle ways Judy Dyer offers to guide you through this journey. The techniques are simple, effective, and get even easier with practice. Whatever your age, gender, or background, you can choose to master your anger today. If your relationships, health, or career are starting to suffer as a result of your anger, you can reverse the damage. Want to move from anger to joy? Please click on the link below: Anger Management: How to Take Control of Your Emotions and Find Joy in Life - Judy Dyer:


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