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It's the time of year to... Hygge

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

It’s the time of year to… Hygge…

Time to cocoon yourself as much as possible. To go inwards and reflect - about where you have been and where you want to go.

Hygge is out with the old and in with the new warmth and coziness.

Time to think about how to let go of what no longer serves you. Things, thoughts and outdated beliefs. The concerns of the ego that need to be released, in order to free you to relax and follow your soul’s calling.

Time to clear out the clutter and make your home serve as a sacred space. One that supports you in your quest to become who you were born to be. And to share that space with those you love.

New colours, new ideas, perhaps new cushions or new throws, watching the fire and feeling warm and cozy. Something to make life more comfortable.

Aromatic spices, the smell of coffee, the comfort of hot chocolate. To embrace the beauty of another day, another evening.

The sound of a crackling fire, the waft of bread straight from the oven, candles flickering, essential oils enveloping you in fragrant kisses, a soft blanket and twinkling lights.

Can you feel the bliss of that right now? Imagine and create a plan for more hygge in your life...

  • What you create on the outside, you create on the inside.

  • What you create on the inside, you create on the outside.

What can you do this week to create a sacred space and

sense of Hygge for yourself?

hygge pronounced [h(y)oo-guh]

"Hygge is a Danish cultural concept and value of warm, happy coziness and togetherness, which people make time for in everyday life. Outside of Denmark, hygge is commonly referred to as “the good feeling you get from a well-curated, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing environment.”

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