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Not Good Enough – Is That How You Feel?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

So many people struggle with feeling ‘not good enough’. They think they don’t have the knowledge, ability or focus that ‘successful’ people have. It makes them feel down about themselves. Add to that a large dollop of self-blame and the belief that they don’t have the power to change things – and you have the recipe for apathy right there.

Not good enough is a trap

But the truth is that feeling ‘not good enough’ is an easy trap to fall into. And most of the time it’s not a case that the person isn’t good enough. It’s a case of being in the wrong environment, the wrong place, the wrong job, the wrong relationship – for them. They don’t receive the support and encouragement to discover their gifts and innate talents. Or find the right place in which to not just survive – but to fully thrive. Plant a seed in the wrong soil and it will fail to flower. Put it in the right environment and it will bloom.

The Power of Choice

And here’s the thing. It’s understanding that you always have the power of choice. The power to look at what’s surrounding you and within you. The power to choose what to do next. Taking action is a choice. And inaction is also a choice. But the first action is to decide whether you’re in the right space for you. So, are you in the right environment and head space? The answer to that question is really quite simple. Ask yourself – How do you feel about yourself and your life right now. What needs to change? Start there. Take small baby steps to move yourself to where has the feel-good factor.

And say to yourself regularly the three words that can change your world: I Am Enough. Write these three words on post-it notes and pop them around the house to remind you to keep affirming to yourself. Or do what Marisa Peer suggests and write it in lipstick on your mirror. That way, when you gaze at your own reflection, you can look yourself in the eyes and remind yourself ‘I Am Enough!

Say it and mean it. Because you are enough.

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