Tapping and Epigenetic Clearing

Updated: Aug 31

Tapping and epigenetic clearing is believed to be a way to clear blockages that are based on ancestral or family patterns.

Do you remember that pop music hit ‘Going Back to My Roots’ by Odyssey? It came on the radio this morning and made me smile. I remember the first time I heard it way back when. It’s a song about someone who feels the need to recharge their soul, so they head back to their roots in order to begin again. As I listened, it struck me how this is a great analogy for what we all have to do from time to time. The difference being that with Meridian Tapping techniques, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, you can go back into your past, and release some of the erroneous belief patterns that you’ve held onto throughout your life via epigenetic clearing.

But maybe it’s not just events from your own past that may have caused you to have certain belief patterns, or self-sabotaging behaviours.  The study of epigenetics looks at how changes can happen in living creatures.  Specifically, it’s the study of how the gene expression is modified, without there being any change in the actual genetic code or DNA itself.

Epigenetic Clearing and Inherent Memory

For instance, suppose you have a problem with confidence and low self-esteem, but for the life of you, you can’t find the cause anywhere in your past. Perhaps you’ve picked over your history with the help of a therapist but that supposed ‘triggering event’ just isn’t there. Epigenetics might give clues that trying to get to the ‘root’ of the problem by looking at your past isn’t going back far enough.

Many scientific studies have shown that animals, for instance mice, can be forced to modify their behaviour in order to avoid a negative experience or to reward a certain action. What is fascinating is that their offspring, and further generations, appear to be born with this ‘inherent memory,’ even if they have never witnessed or been exposed to the same conditions.

Genetic Encoding – A Protection Mechanism

Going back to the example of confidence and low self-esteem, it doesn’t take a huge leap of reasoning to realize that just four or five generations back, life was much more challenging, many people had far less freedom. In fact, being confident, especially if you were in the lower social ranks, could lead to you being thought of as ‘cocky’ and ‘acting above your station,’ with the possibility of severe punishment. There are all sorts of permutations as to why we would have modified genetic encoding, but all of them would have one common goal – to protect us from harm. In order words, locked into your DNA are the memories of your ancestors. With each successive generation, another layer of ‘life stories’ was written into your genes.

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT Tapping Points

It makes sense that as humans have evolved, nature has responded by layering on subtle changes to gene expression within us, in order to give us the greatest chance of survival. But how would Tapping help us to clear echoes of the past generations that are no longer relevant or wanted by ourselves?

My belief is that the subconscious is not only the storehouse of everything that has happened to you in this life, but also the gateway that can reveal possible generational causes of erroneous thoughts and behaviours. Once a ‘story from the past’ presents itself, it’s possible to use tapping on the ‘memory’ held in our genes – a form of epigenetic clearing on an energetic level. In fact, it’s often useful to alter the story by giving it a more positive story and, in essence, change the story that is held within us.

Epigenetic Clearing – Changing the Past Process

If this seems a tad hard to believe, try the following exercise using a memory from your own past, although don’t practice this technique on a traumatic memory, as trauma should be dealt with by a trained therapist. For this you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the tapping points and procedure:

Step 1: Close your eyes and recall a memory from your past that you wish to change. For this exercise don’t choose a huge trauma, perhaps pick something from school days such as a time when you felt left out of a social group or team. Check in with yourself to see what you feel about the memory on a scale of -10 to +10 (-10 meaning absolutely devastated right up to +10 meaning feeling absolutely joyous and on top of the world).

Step 2: Tap on each of the tapping points (with a light touch) about ten times on each point, keep the memory in your mind’s eye. If you feel the need to continue to tap on specific points for slightly longer, then do so. When you have finished the tapping round, check in with yourself to see where you are on the -10 to +10 scale. How has it changed?

Repeat the Epigenetic Clearing Process

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 at least five times, remember to check in at the end of each round to monitor your progress. Notice the shift of energy around the memory. After five rounds, it’s likely that the memory seems less intense. If you can, keep going until you can feel yourself go up to +8, but remember that any improvement on the scale is a good result.

Step 4: Go back into the memory but this time give it a different ending. For instance, if the memory is of failing to be picked for a sports team, see yourself being picked for the team and playing a great game. Whatever the memory, make the ending different and far more positive. Now, with a smile on your face, go through the tapping round as you see yourself in your mind’s eye having a wonderful time. At the end of the tapping round, check in to see where you are on the -10 to +10 scale. How further up the positive scale are you?

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 at least five times.

Recall the Original Memory

Step 6: Try to recall the original memory. Most likely you’ll find that it ‘feels’ completely different. This is because the energy around the memory has changed. As you change memories in this way, you also begin to create new neural pathways in your brain.

What’s the Gene Story?

Some believe that it may be possible, simply using tapping, to rewire memories from your past. But can you also see how, by using this technique, it’s possible to ask the subconscious to present the ‘gene story’ that is the cause for a specific problem, and then use tapping exercise to clear it?

If there’s a problem that has lingered for some time, and you can’t uncover the cause of it, then you might like to try this tapping exercise and ask your subconscious to go back into your gene pool and release the problem with tapping. Please share your results of this fascinating use of tapping!

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