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Tarot Reading or Therapy?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Tarot Reading or Therapy? What do you actually need if you’re anxious and stressed about what’s around the corner?

Jenny smiled broadly and sat before me and told me she’d like a relationship reading. She eased back in the chair opposite me and took a deep breath in readiness. Without warning, the tears began to cascade down her cheeks, her whole body shook with emotion.

I didn’t need any psychic ability to tell that Jenny was heartbroken. And instinct told me that I wasn’t the first tarot reader that she had approached to have her cards read. She confirmed she’d had a number of readings in the last few weeks.

Did I shuffle the cards and begin to tell her not to worry and that everything would be okay?

No, I refused to do a reading for her. I told Jenny that a tarot reading wasn’t on the cards. Wide-eyed with disbelief and annoyance flickering over her face, she questioned why.

Tarot Reading or Therapy?

If someone is clearly in a distressed state, is it right for them to have a tarot reading? In all honesty, I don’t think so. In this circumstance, given a choice between a tarot reading and therapy, it’s always best to do something that's going to give you the tools to cope with the slings and arrows of life. And asking someone else what you should do isn’t going to help you do that.

Anyone in such a heightened emotional state will cling on to what the psychic says, if it’s what they want to hear. And if it’s not what they want to hear, they’ll rush off to the next psychic or tarot reader.

Ask any psychic telephone line for the truth of how many ‘repeat customers’ they have, who come back too regularly, sometimes even the same day, for a reading. According to the YouGov website, 1 in 5 Americans have had a psychic reading (22% of the population), which is a lot of people asking for psychic advice. How many of those do you think do so in a state of anxiety or stress?

Deal with the Stress and Anxiety

If a client is highly distressed, psychic advice is not what they need. In fact, I think it keeps them stuck in the misery. Because they’re not addressing the problem that needs to be dealt with – the stress and anxiety. Nowadays, I rarely do readings.

Instead, I draw on my expertise as a life coach, hypnotherapist and meridian tapping therapist to teach people tools that can help them deal with the stress; as well as save both time and money that would be better spent learning how to discern what’s best for themselves in any given situation.

So, I refused to give a tarot reading and instead told Jenny I had something far better to deal with the anxiety about her future, and gave her self-help tools that she’ll have for life.

By the end of our session, Jenny felt much calmer and could think more logically about her situation. She contacted me later to thank me for helping her, and to tell me she had moved on from the on-off relationship she had come to see me about, and that she was in a much happier place.

It’s moments like this that make my day!

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p.s. I’ve created an online programme to help those who are in a bit of a life pickle, and are over-dependent on psychics and tarot readers – click on the link for more details: Be Psychic Free - Stop Phoning Psychics & Tarot Readers

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