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Thanks Angels!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Thanks Angels! I’m chuffed to say that I’m featured in the January 2021 edition of Chat It’s Fate magazine. It’s the story of why I wanted to write Ronnie Buckingham’s book and how divine intervention helped to make it happen.

In my spare time, as well as writing my own books and courses, I enjoy ghostwriting to help others bring their stories of spirituality and healing out into the world. It was an honour to help Ronnie to share the wonderful story of how he went from a life of crime to become a spiritualist medium. I’m in awe of this amazing medium, who helps to heal the hearts of thousands with messages from beyond the veil. A truly remarkable man with a cracking sense of humour!

A huge thank you to the fabulous Monica Cafferty, a brilliant journalist who encouraged me to share the story. It’s not all roses as there’s sadness there as well, but I hope that it shows how, despite what we think, miracles do happen and the spiritual realm (thanks angels!) is always there to support us.

Chat It’s Fate magazine is available in larger newsagents or available in digital format online:


Medium Rare – The True Story of Spiritualist Medium Ronnie Buckingham is available here in print and Kindle formats – click on the link below:


Thanks Angels!

In the Chat It’s Fate article, I mention how I connect with angels and how they’ve assisted me in so many ways, including helping Medium Rare become an Amazon bestseller. I wrote a book about my experiences with angels and here it is!

How to Ask Angels to Light Up Your Path: A Practical Guide to Connecting with Angels – Ruthy Baker – available in Kindle format – click on the link below:

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