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4 Easy Ways to Organize Your Life

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Becoming organized has so many benefits. Perhaps the greatest is the ability to turn days filled with chaos into days of focus and effectiveness. And who doesn't want that? Stress has a very negative impact on health and can basically make you feel like sh*t, just when you need to get your sh*t together. Isn't that a good reason to clear the decks, so you can have a clear mind?

When you’re organized, you’ll no longer worry about all the little things that might be slipping through the cracks. Which is great because it means you won't wake up at 3:00 a.m. wondering if there's something you haven't crossed off the mental 'To-Do' list.

With greater organization, you’ll also be more dependable in all aspects of your life. Dependability is the cornerstone of all relationships, both business and personal. It makes those around you feel safe because they know you are a person of your word. When you say it's going to happen, it does.

Consider these adopting these habits:

Have a place for everything

Literally. Organize everything in your home so that you can go grab anything that you need immediately. Forgotten what's in that drawer or cupboard? Don't have a clue where anything is? Fed up spending countless hours searching for stuff? The way out of this is to avoid overwhelm. Make it a priority to clear one drawer, or one cupboard, or one shelf, each day. And allow yourself a maximum of 15 minutes to do it. Set a timer and race against the clock to get clearing and cleaning.

Have a bin bag ready to pop in things that are broken or otherwise useless. And a box to put in items that are unbroken but you no longer need, ready to donate to a charity shop. Ready, set, go! You'll be surprised how much you can achieve in 15 minutes. The strict rule is to only do one drawer, cupboard or shelf per day. That's because you need to avoid making a mountainous task out of a molehill-by-molehill idea and taking up too much of your precious time each day. Stick to 15 minutes maximum.

Start at one end of your home and do each item in strict rotation. When you finally get to the other end of your home, begin again, and this time you'll find it takes just 5 minutes maximum. This routine avoids overwhelm and also gives your brain processing time to remember where everything is. Eventually, you'll work out the best place for every item and, most importantly, remember exactly where to find it. And your environment will be super organized, which has an amazing effect on your well-being.

This habit also relates to your papers, electronic clutter, and even the desktop on your computer. Try to limit yourself to just a couple of email accounts. Consider one for business and another for personal emails. If you frequently fill out web forms that result in a lot of spam, another email account could catch all those. And before you fill out that web form think - do I really need this or will it just become my inbox clutter?

Find a solution for your scheduling

One calendar is ideal. It makes sense to use an electronic system if you have a smart phone. Gmail, Yahoo email, and many other free systems are available that can integrate your email, to-do lists, appointments, and calendar. Or download my fave app - Todoist - which will remind you to get it done!

For your desktop, make a few folders and categorize things. Place photos in the appropriate folders. Organize your projects. Come up with a system that works for you. There’s no reason to spend 30+ minutes over the course of a single day searching for items!

Put items away immediately

Disorganized people tend to be poor at putting things away in the moment. It’s only after enough clutter piles up that they have enough discomfort to do anything about it. Then, it’s a major project. Plus, just looking at the mountain of stuff to get through can pull your energy down. Don't let the clutter build-up bring you down.

  • When you grab your mail, go through it and file it immediately.

  • When you’re done using something, put it away.

  • List that appointment in your system as soon as you schedule it. No organizational system can be successful if you procrastinate!

Being organized isn't a magical ability. It's simply a habit. And it's a habit that you can begin to acquire right now. Yup, you may need to set reminders to kick your ass into action and get organizing, but after a while, it'll be something you naturally do.

Have a daily routine

Use a to-do list. Ensure the dirty dishes are out of the sink before you go to bed. Spend 10 minutes picking up the family room each morning. There are many things that only take a few minutes if they’re done regularly. And the bliss of waking up to a tidied home starts your day off right.

Create your to-do list each night

Starting the day without a plan is a mistake. It’s far more challenging to get anything done. Before hitting the hay, spend a few minutes and list everything you’d like to get done. Then pick the three most important and make that your list for the following day. Three items might not seem like a lot, but it’s plenty.

If you get the three most important things done each day, you’ll be surprised how differently your life looks after a couple of weeks!

Maybe it’s time to finally get organized and get your life and your clutter under control. You’ll be more relaxed, more effective, and a better person to be around. Developing a couple of effective habits can really make a huge difference in your ability to stay focused on what’s most important to you.

"Life is too complicated not to be orderly." - Martha Stewart

Please let me know about the tips and techniques that enhance your life - I'd love to hear from you. And if there's a particular issue or subject that you'd like me to explore in a blog, then drop me a line!

Sending you love and hugs...

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