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Personal Growth

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Personal growth – how do you share your journey with others?

Reaching a new level in your personal growth is both exciting and satisfying. And if it’s helped you to overcome certain challenges, it’s tempting to want to share your newfound knowledge with others. Yet, do you ever get frustrated because you think others aren’t listening? And end up feeling pissed off because no matter how many times you explain yourself, they simply don’t get it?

If you’re on a self-development journey and want to connect with others at a different level than before – prepare to be disappointed. We’re all at different stages of personal growth and your journey is unique to you. And yes, I get that it can be irksome when others are unable to listen and hold space for your ideas. Yet equally perhaps you aren’t ready to hear what they have to say.

Your personal growth is exactly that.

Your. Personal. Growth.

Not theirs or anybody else’s.

If you find that others aren’t open to the new insights you’ve gained, then no sweat. It’s not up to you to explain yourself. But it is up to you to understand that what works for you, and is part of your self-development, isn’t necessarily right for them. Or the timing is off for them to take what you say on board. And that’s okay.

Learn to hold your own counsel, instead of turning yourself inside out trying to explain yourself.

Quietly going about improving your mindset on your own, without the need to broadcast it, is a superpower!

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