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Simplify Your Life and Gain Freedom

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Simplify your life and gain freedom. Who doesn’t want to do that? So, you want more free time, fewer obligations, and less clutter in your life. This doesn’t have to just be a wish. You can simplify your life and reclaim your time.

It has been said that life is more than long enough, as long as you’re not wasting time. But you’re wasting time if your life is more complicated than it needs to be.

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of. – Bruce Lee

Use these easy techniques to simplify your life and create a life that’s more meaningful to you:

Know your priorities.

Who and what are most important to you? What do you want to accomplish with your life? What are your goals? If you understand your priorities, it’s easier to simplify your life, because you know what matters and what doesn’t. This includes identifying your daily priorities each day. Life is simpler when you know exactly what you want to get done each day. Make a list each evening for the next day and stick to it.

Give meditation a try.

One of the great benefits of meditation is the clarity it provides. The things, activities, and people in your life that matter will become more apparent. Everything else is just habit and white noise.

Start at home to simplify your life

Go from room to room and consider everything. What do you not use? What do you not need? What do you not love? If you don’t use, need, or love it, get rid of it. If you’re resistant to removing something from your life, ask yourself why.

Track your activity for one weekday and one weekend day.

Record how you spend your time each hour. For example, at 9:00 am you might write: 8:00-9:00: 15 minutes answering email – 15 minutes surfing the internet -30 minutes driving to work. Do that for the whole day and tabulate how you spent your time. You’ll likely see a few activities that are taking up your time without providing much value to your life. Be ruthless in controlling these time-wasters.

Assess your commitments.

This includes regular social activities, committees, clubs, and other commitments. Compare these to your list of priorities and goals. If a commitment doesn’t help you accomplish what’s most important to you, consider quitting.

Create routines. Routines are just a series of habits. You can have a routine for cleaning the kitchen or completing a report at work. Routines simplify the amount of thinking you have to do. You can use your intellectual resources for other things. A few other examples include a morning and evening routine for yourself, or an exercise routine.

Assess the people in your life. Are all the optional people in your life adding something worthwhile to your life? Are you still dragging around an old high school friend or two that you don’t enjoy spending time with anymore? It’s not always easy to eliminate people from your life, but it may help you.

Don’t be afraid to say “no.” Before adding new commitments to your life, remember to review your priorities and goals. Be willing to decline any offers that complicate your life unnecessarily. Be brave and tell a few people “no.” Remember, ‘no’ is a complete sentence and you don’t have to explain or justify your decision. It will do wonders for your self-esteem and support simplifying your life.

Aim to simplify your life regularly

Simplify your life to gain freedom and more energy to pursue the goals that really matter. The first round will produce a lot of benefits, but you can always simplify your life even further. Besides, once a goal has been achieved, you’ll want to consider what’s next on your list.

Ask yourself the power question: How can you simplify your life and gain freedom? Journal what comes up from your subconscious. This can give you added insight into what you need to clear or stop doing, to enable you to have enough space in your mind. Simplify your life and you’ll become more effective and efficient in every area of your life. And life will seem to flow and feel much easier. Do the work to simplify your life and you’ll find it’s far simpler to do your best work!

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