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It's Nearly Halloween!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

It’s nearly Halloween…

Talking of which, did you know in my spare time I enjoy ghost-writing?!

If you’re into all things spiritual and the odd ‘bump-in-the-night’ moment, and instead of trick or treat, you want to curl up at Halloween with a book about ‘the other side’ then take a look at the Amazon bestseller – Medium Rare – The True Story of Spiritualist Medium Ronnie Buckingham – which I co-authored.

Ronnie is not only an incredible medium, but is also a thoroughly great bloke, with an amazing story to share with the world. From prison to healing hearts, find out more here!

Get your Halloween read here!

Click on the link below:

Medium Rare is the true story of Ronnie Buckingham, from childhood to a life of crime, with time spent behind bars, until finally finding his true-life purpose as a healer of hearts - through his work as a well-known and highly regarded spiritualist medium.

A boy growing up between the crossfire of his family's raging battles, a chance meeting with a champion bodybuilder became the impetus for this scrawny child to transform himself, eventually leading him to a combined career as a nightclub bouncer and villain, interspersed with several spells in prison for various crimes, including robbery.

A failed marriage followed by a series of tumultuous relationships, redundancy, the decision to keep on the straight and narrow, together with a few near-death misses, brought Ronnie to the edge. With his head in his hands, he questioned who he was and what he had become. Seeking answers, he knocked on the door of a local spiritualist medium for guidance.

One door leads to another, in a strange twist of fate, Lyn turned out to be the senior member of a spiritualist medium development circle. Upon first meeting Ronnie, she recognized his amazing gift and encouraged him to join. Most mediums take many years to develop their ability, but it was only a matter of months before Lyn pushed her fledgling onto the stage to demonstrate his incredible talent. Ronnie had finally taken the first step of his true soul's journey.

Since that early foray into working with spirit, Ronnie has worked all over Europe, appeared in numerous television shows, radio appearances and continues to give mediumship demonstrations to large audiences, astounding people with the accuracy of his messages from their friends and relatives on the other side. With his extraordinary ability to deliver mind-blowing proof beyond all doubt from the spirit world, Ronnie Buckingham certainly is a medium most rare!


There’s nothing more satisfying than doing a spot of ghost-writing (especially at Halloween!) because I get to read the story first!

So far, I’ve ghost-written or edited ten books, including an Amazon bestseller and a book that was optioned by the BBC for dramatization, as well as publishing my own books. Helping others to achieve their goals, whether through life-coaching or through books, is my passion!


And there’s more…

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