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Addiction to Psychic Lines and Guiding Stars

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Learning about addiction to psychic lines and guiding stars is perhaps one of the most enlightening things I have encountered.

For years I trawled through books and courses on healing; everything from psychology and hypnosis to more alternative therapies, such as meridian tapping. Most of them taught that any form of addiction has its root in trauma, particularly childhood trauma. And I have to say that idea stuck with me and had a certain logic about it. There’s truth in that logic, but perhaps trauma is not the only cause of addiction.

The Journey into Meridian Tapping

Quite a few years ago, after training in various meridian tapping methodologies, including TFT (Thought Field Therapy), I started reading books by Silvia Hartmann, who is a leading light in the field of meridian tapping. Intrigued by her insights into various emotional and mental problems faced by clients, I decided to train in Energy EFT, which is her style of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

One of the precepts taught is that rather than always being trauma-based, addiction often has its root cause in an enjoyable experience. At first blush, this may seem totally counter-intuitive. But through this explanation of the process of how people become addicted, I saw parallels. Not only in my own life, but also in the lives of clients. Particularly those with an over-dependence or addiction to psychics or tarot readers.

Is Addiction only Trauma Based?

Silvia Hartmann gives excellent analogies of how what she terms a ‘Guiding Star’ moment, which is a type of ‘peak experience’ instance, can cause addiction. Let me give you an example of the type of analogy:

A young girl is taken out by her father, for a day out at the beach. The sun is shining brightly. The young girl is treated to a gorgeous strawberry ice-cream by her doting father, who tells her how marvellous she is, how much he loves and adores her, and how incredibly beautiful she is. And as the young girl looks up to her father and meets his loving gaze, the sun sparkling down on them both, she feels utterly loved and joyful. This ‘guiding star event’ is etched deep into her energy system (which includes the subconscious mind).

Time goes on, and the young girl grows up to be a young woman. Life throws lemons at us all and in the case of the now young woman, she has received quite a few. And they sting, badly.

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The Guiding Star Falls to the Ground

After an unusually full and harrowing day at work, with a nasty boss harping on about less-than-perfect output that day, the young woman sits down on the sofa and begins to cry. What do you suppose might happen next?

Well, some might reach for a bottle of vino – or something stronger. Others may cram chocolate into their mouths. But not this young woman. She opens the freezer, pulls out a large two-litre tub of strawberry ice-cream and consumes the lot. Not content with the one container, she goes to the store to buy more, and promptly eats yet another container of ice-cream. She’s addicted to the ice-cream and has an obesity problem as a result. The extra weight is the cause of deep self-loathing and her self-esteem is spiralling down. She’s desperate to stop eating ice-cream but is unable too. What’s going on here?

So, she’s feeling bereft, and her subconscious mind/energy system looks for something to counteract that feeling. And although the young woman can’t consciously recall the day on the beach, her energy system has no trouble recalling it at all. Remember how loved, adored and beautiful you felt in the moment when daddy said he loved you, while you had the sweet taste of strawberry ice-cream on your lips? Et voila!

In other words, guiding star moments can be every bit as damaging as trauma.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced the thrill of a particularly lovely glass of wine while on a glorious summer holiday. You enjoy the taste and gaze out on the sparkling scenery. Months later, you’re back home and have had a shit day. A shit month, actually. Why is it that out of the blue you suddenly fancy a glass of wine? It’s a conscious decision – or is it a subconscious decision? Have enough shit days and enough glasses of wine in the evenings to compensate, and you have the making of a problem right there.

Addiction to Psychic Lines and Guiding Stars

So, how does this relate to addiction to psychics lines and tarot readers? It’s a question I asked myself many times. I decided to ask my clients. Interestingly enough, rather than remaining stuck and forever out-of-sight in their energy system, using meridian tapping, they were able to say the magic words… ‘Oh, I remember it now!’

In nearly every case, they had gone for a psychic or tarot reading for the first time, very often as a giggly teenager, and had received such ‘good news’ about their future that they felt excited and joyful inside… And a tremendous sense of relief that nothing ‘bad’ had been predicted.

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Years later – in some cases very many years later – they go through a stressful life event, such as a relationship break-up or the loss of a job, and ‘suddenly decide’ to have a psychic or tarot reading to see what the future holds. Again, the ‘good news’ they receive makes them feel much better. Until that is, the stress and anxiety return, as the situation hasn’t been resolved, and they are (subconsciously) compelled to reach out for another reading. Eventually, it becomes something they feel they have no control over. They have an addiction to psychic lines. It drains their time, money and self-worth. But they feel unable to stop.

It’s easy to see the connection, isn’t it? The initial enjoyable reading and the resulting feeling of happiness about the future – and the subconscious need to ‘recreate’ that guiding star moment that becomes an addiction to psychic lines.

The Gift of Discovering Guiding Stars

For me, the gift in all of this isn’t the knowledge that it’s not always trauma that predicates addiction. Silvia Hartmann didn’t just share her findings of the guiding star events and guide her students to be aware and look out for them. She also presented the means to address the problem of guiding star events through various Energy EFT techniques.

Meridian tapping systems, of which there are now quite a few, do offer a way in to address the issues that people face. Essentially easy-to-use, yet incredibly elegant in their results, they combine well with other techniques, such as hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to offer the possibility of relief to those that need it.

For those who are over-dependent on psychics or tarot readers, I’ve created a course – Be Psychic Free - How to Overcome Dependency on Psychics and Tarot Readers.  The course includes videos and audios, plus amazing techniques to help you overcome the need to phone psychics.

Details of the course can be found here:  Be Psychic Free - Stop Phoning Psychics & Tarot Readers


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