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Do You Remember Your Past Lives?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Do you remember your past lives? I do.

There was no trumpet fanfare, angelic voices, or sparks flying through the air. If anything, it was a day like any other. At five years old, I enjoyed running up the ladder steps and sliding down the rickety slide in the garden with a whoop of delight. Then, as if wanting to squeeze every ounce out of the moment, I suddenly turned to bask in the warmth of the Malaysian sun.

And then it happened.

My soul felt on fire with the pure bliss of remembrance, as previous lives flipped like a video series in my mind. One life after another, they coursed through my being and every fibre of my soul rejoiced. I felt such elation at the connection with my past selves. Without doubt, it was the most magical moment of my life.

And this photograph was taken at that exact moment.

The moment when I remembered my past lives. Do you remember your past lives?

My squeals of wonderment attracted the attention of my father, who took a snapshot of my first energetic connection with the universal forces that reached out to me. It reminds me that my inner child is very much the psychic, inner seer. Or do I mean that my inner child is really my inner witch in first bloom?

The first memory was of my birth in this life. I gazed down on the scene, pure consciousness floating above, observing my birth with a sense of expectancy, awaiting the moment that I would merge back into this world. There was such a sense of peace. It was beautiful.

Where am I?

Who am I?

And then the memories spanned from far back:

The poor Irish woman consumed with pneumonia, distraught at the thought of leaving her young family behind.

A young Indian boy who lived by the sea, with a mind confused by fever in his final moments, then he gently floated upwards in release.

The young Scandinavian man in his early twenties, who broke his neck in a motorcycle accident. I recalled the impact with a tree, how his neck snapped, and next he stood over his body taking in the scene.

And there were glimpses of many other past lives...

The thing that stuck in my mind were the snippets of my future in this life, and the knowledge that there are other lives to come. It seems I was born without the veil of forgetting what had gone before and what was to come.

But I never questioned it or had any desire to probe into the past or future. There was only pure acceptance.

This was the life I had chosen, as I had chosen my previous lives. There were lessons to be learned, refined, and mastered. The interesting thing is that I couldn’t remember what the actual lessons were that I had chosen. And I still don’t know exactly what they are. How strange is that? Have I learned all I need to know ? I've no idea.

But without doubt, I had chosen my parents, the family I would be born into, and many of the experiences that I would undergo, the interests that I would pursue, the people I would meet and some that I would reconnect with.

Yet, why was I born remembering? It’s a question that has puzzled me all my life.

Is it the reason I’ve had so many weird and wonderful psychic experiences? Why I sometimes know things will happen before they do? Is it why I can pick up information about people I’ve never met before? Or ask the angels for help and receive assistance immediately?

Or is my psychic ability just the knack of being able to plug into an unseen energetic matrix that’s hiding in plain sight of us all, simply because I know that it’s there? Is the knowing and openness all it takes?

Whatever the reasons or answers, I’m glad I had the experience. Knowing there’s more to this world than meets the eye has helped me through testing times.

It’s proved to be the anchor that has kept me grounded in the here and now, because I understand that whatever life throws at you, the experiences are part of your spiritual development.

And rather than shun them or run from them, it’s best to learn the lessons and seek to grow in wisdom, rather than attract yet more situations, more people, more experiences, which will keep turning up and bringing you down...

Until you appreciate the message contained within the mess you find yourself in, take on board the lesson, and move on to the next stage in your life.

Journal Questions for You:

What might be the lessons you learned in previous lives?

How has the wisdom gained helped you in this life?

What experiences in this life have had a positive effect on your spiritual development?

Do you remember your past lives? If so, I’d love to hear about them!

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