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Flower Remedies for Anxiety

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Flower remedies for anxiety have been used for decades, and they’re as useful now as when they were first discovered. It’s not surprising that now so many are experiencing stress during lockdown, and are searching for help. There are many alternative treatments that offer gentle support, but what I like about flower remedies is that they combine easily with many other therapies, as well as being a stand-alone aid for anxiety.

Many people find flower essences helpful for emotional issues. Bach’s ‘Rescue Remedy’ is without doubt one of the most well-known for bringing about relief after trauma.

How to Use the Flower Remedies for Anxiety

They can be taken as four drops under the tongue, or mixed into water and sipped, about four times a day.

Using the flower essences can help to lessen the negative effects (noted as keywords) and bring out the higher aspect of each one. More than one flower essence can be used, but no more than five is recommended. I have listed my top five flower remedies for anxiety below.

It does take time for the flower essences to work their magic, so be patient!

Top 5 Flower Remedies for Anxiety

If you’re suffering from anxiety and are looking for a natural remedy, here are five flower remedies for anxiety to try:


For those with unexplained, vague fears that have no known cause. A feeling of impending doom, or something awful is about to happen, although unsure precisely what that is. A sense of being haunted by these fears and unable to reach out to others to tell them.

Keywords: Worry and fear of unknown origin.

Higher Aspect: Inner sense of safety and security, being open to new experiences.

Cherry Plum

For those who feel mentally and emotionally over-strained and fear of losing their minds, and the desire to take the impulsive wrong action. Worry they will break down. Feeling of rage. Fear of losing control. Desperation and extreme despair.

Keywords: Fear of losing control and of breakdown, explosive temper, tantrum, feeling afraid of yourself. Suicidal thoughts. Deep despair and worry that they are going to ‘lose it.’

Higher Aspect: Peace of mind, being in control of yourself, calmness and self-control regardless of the situation.


For those who have a fear of known things, worry over illness, pain and accidents, fear of poverty, scared of the dark and of being alone. Afraid of heights. Worry about future misfortune. Everyday concerns. Tend to blush easily. Shy and timid. Lack of courage. Social anxiety. Tend to keep their fears and worries to themselves for fear of ridicule.

Keywords: Lacks courage, shy, timid, fears and phobias, shame.

Higher Aspect: Courageous, brave, daring, able to face fears, sees things with clarity.

Red Chestnut

For those who are overly anxious about others, care more for others than themselves. Afraid something will happen to your loved ones. Self-sacrificing.

Keywords: Over-concern, worry for others, fear for others, over-protectiveness,

Higher Aspect: Appropriate care for others, allows others freedom, provides proper security for others. Able to concentrate on oneself.

Rock Rose

For those who are frozen with fear, feel terror and panic-stricken, trembling.

Keywords: Immobilized with fear, terror, nightmares, sudden emergency, panic, deep anxiety.

Higher Aspect: Relaxed, able to put things into perspective, can calmly handle the situation.

And let’s not forget Rescue Remedy

Flower remedies for anxiety, particularly caused by a sudden shock or emergency, are combined together in this ‘first aid’ bottle. Perhaps the most well-known of Bach’s treatments, this is great for sudden crisis. A mix of five flower remedies, which includes Cherry Plum and Rock Rose, along with Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem and Clematis, this is as essential as lipstick in my handbag. After all, you never know when you or a loved one might need it. It can help calm you down in if you’re faced with an unexpected disaster. However, for more deep rooted or ongoing anxiety, it’s best to blend flower remedies for anxiety specifically for you.

So, if lockdown has you feeling down and anxious, why not give one or more of these a try!

Further resources:

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