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How to Deal with Insensitive Comments about Childlessness

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

How to deal with insensitive comments is something that most childless-not-by choice women have to learn. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been on the receiving end of hurtful words that shock you or cause you to feel completely pissed off.

It’s true that some comments are well intended, but even so, they can leave you reeling. But sometimes the words used are intentionally hurtful. Spiteful even. Most times, they minimise how infertility or childlessness affects you.

Other People and their Unwanted Opinions

Even worse is the sense of entitlement others feel they have to tell you how lucky you are: that you can’t have kids, don’t get your sleep disturbed, can do what you like, and imply that you should get over it. Believe me, I’ve heard some corkers in my time. My jaw has dropped at the tactless and unsympathetic things people have blurted to my face.

I do understand the pain and frustration caused, the impact on your sense of self, the need to withdraw and cocoon yourself, and sometimes the desire to lash out.

How to Deal with Insensitive Comments using Meridian Tapping

So, how to deal with insensitive comments? The first port of call is to deal with the emotional sting you feel, and for that I recommend Meridian Tapping.

There are various forms of Meridian Tapping, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and different derivatives. All of these techniques involve tapping on meridian (acupuncture) energy points, while ‘tuning into’ the problem, thought, or feeling that causes you to feel upset.

Tapping Points Diagram

Take a look at the diagram below to locate the various energy points. I’ll also include a video to show you a basic Meridian Tapping routine.

To begin with tune into the feeling in your body. Rate on a scale of -10 (feeling absolutely dreadful) up to +10 (feeling wonderful) and make a note of it at the beginning, and at the end of each round. Keep your focus on the feeling, while you’re tapping through the points, and make a note of where you are on the scale after each round.

This isn’t just a ‘one time’ fix. You need to repeat this process regularly, not only when you’re upset in the moment, but also on the memories of when you were subjected to thoughtless comments.

Eventually, you’ll find the ‘sting’ will lessen and flatten out, and you’ll be less affected by what people say.

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Do You have Any Questions?

Now that you know how to deal with insensitive comments, do try this technique and comment below your results. If there’s anything on the Meridian Tapping routine you’re stuck on, let me know and I’ll do a blog or video to address the issue.

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And there’s more…

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