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HSPs – How to Deal with a Stressful Work Environment

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Stressful work environment getting you down? Dealing with a stressful work environment is something that many of us contend with. Do you dread getting out of bed every day to go to work because of a stressful work environment?

Many people find that it’s not so much their job that causes them stress, but the people and the environment. You may find the people you work with are intolerable or that the setup of your workplace is not conducive to getting things done efficiently. And it’s doubly true if you’re an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

Coping with stressful work environments is something many of us have to face every day, but you don’t have to let it get you down. Instead, learn how to deal with your stress at work, and you’ll be able to boost your energy and reduce frustration. Essential if you’re going to let your HSP talents shine in the workplace, instead of going rusty under the strain!

HSPs – Overcome a Stressful Work Environment with these tips:

Create a space conducive to concentration

If your office is open-concept, you may find the hustle and bustle around you distracting. If this is the case, try setting up your workspace so that everything you need is right in front of you. That way you won’t have to get up to grab stuff continually. You could also put up a privacy screen, or rearrange your furniture or computer screen to create a barrier of sorts between you and the rest of the office.

Use positive imagery when you feel stress coming on

Recall a happy moment from your past, or keep a beautiful picture on your desk. Allow yourself to dwell in that quiet place in your mind for a few moments. And breathe…

Create a daily to-do list

Often we’re stressed out because we’re trying to juggle too many things without saying no from time to time. Multi-tasking causes our stress levels to rise quickly and uncontrollably. When you create a to-do list, it won’t matter how hectic the office gets or how many people are slacking off; you’ll have a list in front of you that’ll remind you what needs to get done for that day. Organizing your day enables you to feel more in control, essential if you want to find some peace in the chaos surrounding you.

Learn how to meditate

Meditation is a form of deep concentration that can help you restore peace and balance in your life. You can make prayer or meditation a part of your everyday life. When you practice meditation, you can regain your composure effortlessly, instead of succumbing to the stress circulating in the office. As you practice your meditation techniques, you’ll be able to do it without anyone even noticing, and you’ll bring calmer and more focused energy to the office.

Use Flower Remedies

Use a water bottle at work and put one or two flower remedies in it so that you can sip throughout the day. You’ll be wonderfully hydrated and lower your anxiety levels at the same time.

Use Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a godsend in a toxic environment. Use a water spray with a few drops of essential oil to spritz some ‘feel-good’ scent in the air. Or better still, suggest using an aromatherapy diffuser in the office to nip negativity in the bud. Select oils based on their clearing and calming properties. Not only will this cut through the all-pervasive pessimism, but it’ll also make for a more agreeable environment.

Is the problem the office or building?

Ask a group of HSPs if they’ve ever walked into an office or building and felt a strange energy. The likelihood is that all of them will put their hand up and confirm they’re sensitive to their environment. It’s true that HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) can tune into the auras of the people around them, and also the energy of the four walls that surround them.

Many people believe that a building retains the vibration of everything that has happened within it. And then continuously emits that vibration back into the office space and people within it. Not good if there’s been a lot of arguments in the place. Maybe the negativity has never been cleared. Or perhaps there isn’t a sage smudge stick available that’s big enough to tackle it!

If you’re up for taking a more spiritual approach, read up on feng shui (the Chinese art of placement) and see if you can make changes that will improve the flow of energy through the building or office.

Don’t put up with a stressful work environment – move yourself!

Many people can’t overcome the stressful environment in which they work. Besides, no one should work in a situation where they always feel on edge! If you have a job that is too demanding or rarely allows you to tend to your personal life, then it may be time to find a better fit.

Getting a new job can be stressful. But when you find something that’s right for you, you’ll notice the old way of stressful living will melt away, to reveal a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life. Plus, the new company will have a different and perhaps brighter vibe, which will do heaps to lift your HSP energy.

Workplace stress is at an all-time high, especially for the HSPs stuck in a stressful office. But in many cases, you’ll be able to overcome this stress using the tips mentioned above. If the work environment becomes too toxic to deal with, you’ll need to take action. After all, you must put yourself first before prolonged and unmanaged stress becomes destructive to your wellbeing.

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