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10 Best Crystals for Anxiety

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

If you’re feeling anxious and stressed, here is a list of the 10 best crystals for anxiety. But why would you want to use crystals?

They say everything is energy and everything has its own energetic vibrational frequency. Sounds kind of woo-woo right? And yet, it’s quantum physics that leads the way for understanding life right down to the atomic and energetic levels. So, it’s not just the energy workers and crystal healers who believe that everything has a vibrational frequency. Scientists believe it too!

Your Mind’s Influence

Scientists have also found that the human mind can influence the outcome of experiments. Such as Dr. Masuru Emoto and his work on water and water crystals, which have been shown to be influenced by the words (intention) used to communicate with water, whether the words are in spoken or written form, words appear to have an effect on the formation of water crystals.

If that’s the case, then maybe crystal healers are right – crystals really do have energetic properties that you can benefit from! And if you combine the energetic and vibrational qualities of crystals with your mind and intention, then it makes sense that crystals emit frequencies that can work in harmony with your mind to help with a particular intention.

The power of crystals has been known about for thousands of years. Even today certain gems are believed to have specific properties and are worn in jewellery. Diamonds have their own benefits and are said to enhance other precious gems that they are worn with.

It’s believed that crystals help to raise the mind’s vibrational frequency to match that of the crystals used.

Ways to Use the 10 Best Crystals for Anxiety

But what are the best ways to use the 10 best crystals for anxiety? The list is endless, but here are a few ideas:

Crystals can be placed in the home to quietly emit their vibration into the atmosphere of your environment. The practice of Feng Shui prizes specific crystals with preferred placement for them; such as rose quartz (a stone associated with love and romance) placed in the south-west (relationship area) of the home or room to boost marriage and romance.

If you enjoy meditation then holding a crystal in each hand can increase the sense of peace. Or simply holding a crystal and concentrating on your breathing can help clear the mind.

You can wear crystals in the form of jewellery or pop a crystal in your pocket or bag, so that it can work its magic as you go about your day.

It’s useful to have crystals around you as you work. There are individual crystals that help with clarity and performance, and to avoid burnout, useful when working on a computer or in a busy office or work environment. Pop one or two on your desk to help you feel grounded while going about your tasks.

No matter how you choose to use them, it’s great to learn about the properties of crystals to find the best match for your problem or desired result.

Although there are many to choose from, here are my personal favourite 10 best crystals for anxiety. Choose the ones that resonate with you, have the intention that you’ll be drawn to the right one, and be open to feeling the calming effects.

List of 10 Best Crystals for Anxiety:


This beautiful purple crystal emits a unique energetic frequency that promotes calm in the midst of chaos. It’s great for reducing stress, relaxing the mind and stimulating the crown chakra associated with spirituality. This means that it helps you to see your problems from a higher perspective and gives the ability to use calm reasoning to sort them out. Suddenly, you’ll see life through the lens of a spiritual vibration, from the soul level viewpoint. This will increase the vista of your mind and put your problems into proportion, thus taking the sting out of your anxious thoughts.


Known as the angel stone, this is useful to use when anxious and stressed to call upon angelic assistance. In my book, How to Ask Angels to Light Up Your Path: A Practical Guide to Connecting with Angels, I talk about why I believe angels are the link between us and the law of attraction. If you’re anxious because life has gone pear-shaped, try asking the angels for assistance. You might get a pleasant surprise at the result! When you’re suffering from anxiety, it’s easy to slip into believing you’re alone in dealing with stress and worry. But this stone helps you to plug into angelic assistance and discover that, in fact, you’re never really alone. But it’s angelic law that you have to ask for help – they can’t intervene unless you ask them to. Angelite by itself helps to relieve stress and create more peace in your mind.


A personal favourite as it’s my birthstone, but also because it has such gentle, soothing qualities that eases away stress and alleviates anxiety. Aquamarine lessens the grip of emotional problems and encourages self-love and happiness. This is a particularly good crystal if the cause of your anxiety is due to relationship problems or a fall-out with friends. It helps you to recognise and deal with your relational thinking and behaviour patterns, and put a halt to exhausting people pleasing. Aquamarine helps you to gain clarity around relationships and your role in them. It assists you to break off toxic relationships when necessary.

Black Tourmaline

A powerful crystal that quickly dispels negativity both within your mind and in the environment around you. It’s remarkably useful for making you feel grounded, great if you find the people or situations around you tend to make you feel off-centred. If you tend to ruminate on your problems, this stone will help take you out of living in your head and put your feet back on the ground. It helps to see the reality of the situation and deal with problems effectively.

Blue Lace Agate

This beautiful pale blue stone is fantastic as a stress reliever. Consider it the ‘chill pill’ that you can hold whenever life makes you feel overwhelmed. Fantastic for meditation as it brings peace of mind and helps to soothe a worry-wort mind. If you tend to an excess of nervous energy, this crystal will calm you down beautifully. It’s also suitable if you tend to worry too much about others, and especially about what they think of you.


This crystal is associated primarily with abundance and prosperity – the money stone! It may seem strange to include citrine in a list of crystals for anxiety but there are two reasons. Firstly, this stone is known to relieve fear and anxiety, and helps to bring clarity to your thinking and brings happiness. Secondly, financial problems and money worries can be a main cause of anxiety, so it makes sense to use a crystal which will help increase the coffers and decrease the fiscal stress!


This stone is favoured as the bringer good luck. Useful for anxiety because it helps promote inner harmony, optimism and positivity, allowing you to notice opportunities and act on them, taking you out of anxiety and into engaging more with the positive happenstances around you.


Lepidolite is excellent for balancing the mind and stabilizing the emotions, helping to slow down negative thoughts from racing through your mind. It helps to lift and ease depressive thoughts and focus on what’s happening around you. One of its main attributes is its ability to aid deep sleep, so vital as lack of sleep can cause you to feel anxious and jittery. A highly calming stone that brings a sense of peace within you.

Rose Quartz

This gentle pale pink stone is an excellent choice for transmuting anxiety caused by self-hatred into self-love and acceptance of yourself. If the cause of your anxiety is upset caused by a problem in a love relationship, this crystal will help to ease your heartache. As it promotes self-love and self-acceptance, it also helps you to stand up for yourself within your relationship. Particularly useful if you tend to avoid confrontation. This comforting crystal can be carried with you or placed by your bed or under your pillow to ease your troubled mind. It also helps you to forgive yourself and others and release the unhealthy behaviour cords that bind you. Hold it over your heart when you’re feeling particularly fragile.


If your anxiety tends to morph into a panic attack, then Sodalite, known as the ‘Stone of Peace’ will help to release the excess bad energy from rising up. Again, this is a crystal that helps if you’re feeling fragile and overwhelmed, struggling to cope and wondering what to do. Sodalite helps you gain inner strength and builds up self-confidence, so that you feel ready and able to cope with the slings and arrows of life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the 10 best crystals for anxiety. Which ones will you choose? If you have a particular favourite crystal, please share the details and let me know.

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