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Let Your Values Guide Your Life

Updated: Jan 26

Do you let your values guide your life? Have you ever taken time to think about what your values are?

I don’t mean your financial worth. No, I’m talking about your personal values, or your basic and fundamental beliefs or attitudes that guide your actions, which are a huge part of how you live your life. And hopefully you’re living a life that is in total alignment with your core values. Because when you’re not, life feels heavy, your decisions weigh you down, and you end up selling your soul for something that doesn’t feel right for you.

Understanding and defining your personal values is a major step toward living the life you want to live. When you focus on your fundamental beliefs, you ensure you’re living your life in a way that suits all of your goals, dreams, and interests.

What are some examples of personal values?

There are quite a few personal values out there. Values differ in importance from person to person. In fact, differences in values often leads to lots of conflict and controversy between people!

Here are a few examples of personal values:

● Adventure

● Loyalty

● Creativity

● Empathy

● Boldness

● Strength

● Relationships

● Faith

● Humor

● Happiness

● Knowledge

● Optimism

● Love

● Self-respect

● Honesty

● Status

● Trustworthiness

● ….and many, many more!

Personal values can often be described in one word, capturing the essence of larger opinions and feelings about something. For example, if one of your personal values is relationships, it may be very important for you to honour all your relationships in life -romantic, family, friendships, and otherwise.

How do you determine what your true personal values are?

Your personal values exist deep within yourself. These values, when measured against how you’re making choices and living your life, help you determine if you’re living life the way you truly want to live it.

Often, your personal values can be a big indicator of whether you’re following the right pathway in life. These values work in sync with your intuition. For example, when you get that sudden urge that ‘something doesn’t feel quite right,’ consider how the present situation aligns with your personal values. If it clashes with your basic fundamental beliefs, you’re likely getting signals that you’re heading down the wrong path. Trust your gut and course correct as quickly as possible.

Determining your values can feel tricky, but there are ways to narrow down your feelings and best understand where your fundamental beliefs lie.

A good way to determine your personal values is to look through an extensive list of them; you can find them online and in various psychology and self-help books.

Browse a list and determine which values resonate most with you. Don’t spend a ton of time considering each one extensively. Instead, allow your intuition to guide you and quickly highlight each one that feels right to you. You’ll feel a shift of energy when you see a word that sums up one of your core values.

Once you have a highlighted list, focus on the ones you marked with more consideration. Think about why each of these values stood out to you and jot down a few notes for each one. At this point, you can even take your remaining values and arrange them in a list, beginning with the one you find most important.

How can you use your personal values to live life the way you want?

People face tough challenges and decisions every day. However, when you have a good grasp on what your core values are, you’re more likely to make choices in a way that makes you feel confident in your decision making. You’ll feel a strong sense of alignment within.

After making your list of personal values, keep it handy.

The next time you face a tough challenge, pull out your list. Consider each of your options against your personal values - which choice best aligns with your values? Are there any options that seem to push against your personal values? Use these driving questions with your list of values to make an informed decision you can feel good about. And you’ll know when it’s right by the way your decision makes you feel.


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Did you like this blog? You know, sharing is caring, right?

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Did you like this blog? You know, sharing is caring, right?

So please share the love and share this blog with your friends!

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