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Six Signs it's Time to Change Your Mindset

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Everyone is talking about changing your mindset to manifest what you desire. How do you know when it's time to change your mindset? After all, you've been thinking the same way for as long as you can remember. Or maybe you've had a rough patch and your attitude has gotten out of whack. When you have more negative days than good ones, then it's time to change your mindset.

Our mindset it what produces the thoughts we have. That is the attitude that shapes our thinking, which controls our actions and how we feel about things. If you have a negative attitude, then your thoughts turn to the blame mentality and thinking the worst. When you have positive or healthy thoughts, you create a better environment for yourself and those around you.

Six Signs it's Time to Change Your Mindset

1. You're always focused on failure instead of succeeding.

You feel angry and disappointed over every failure without celebrating your success. You constantly see yourself as a failure, unconsciously sending negative messages to your mind that you will fail at whatever you try to accomplish. Instead: Keep a success diary, acknowledging every success each day, no matter how small.

2. You have a victim mentality.

You've been a victim of unpleasant experiences or been hurt by others you love. Or experienced trauma from some event. You're still holding onto those moments. Instead: Forgive and let go of the past.

3. You have social media envy.

The unnatural glamorous lifestyles of other people seen online make you feel worse about yourself. You devalue what you have. You focus on what you don't have or aren't doing. Instead: Think about what you do have and be show gratitude for it. There are billions of people on this planet and at least a billion would love to have your life.

4. You see work as a chore.

You dread going to work, complain about doing the work, or feel like it's a burden. Instead, view your job as a means of providing value to others and as affecting you and others around you. Being able to work gives you the opportunity to contribute to society.

5. You obsess about things you can't control or change.

You complain about what you can't control like the weather, government, traffic and other people. Your mind is filled with everything you don't like, rather than what you can control, which is yourself. Identify how you can change and control your own actions and thoughts to make the experience more positive. Stop complaining and start taking actions that will bring you a greater sense of accomplishment and abundance.

6. You lack gratitude for what you have.

You focus on what is wrong with things or the world, or the inadequacies in yourself and others. Instead, acknowledge that no one is perfect, and everyone learns lessons as they go. Focus on identifying the positive things you are grateful for every day.

When you realize that the reason you rarely feel happy and content is down to a negative mindset, you know it's time to change your mindset to feel better about yourself and attract more abundance into your life.

"The key to abundance? It's to stop desiring more, and to appreciate what you already have." – Ruthy Baker

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