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Be a Motivated Badass!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Have you fallen off the 'gonna-achieve-that-shiny-goal' wagon with a thud? Are you wondering how to get back up off your butt and get motivated?

Did you start off the year full of inspiration and aspiration but now it's all gone a bit floppy around the edges like last week's pancakes? You're not alone.

And I've got you covered...

I've put together a little guide to motivation - how to find it and, more importantly - how to keep it going!

Want to become a motivated badass?

Press the download button below and go get some fire in your belly!

Pillars of Motivation - Ruthy Baker
Download PDF • 294KB

Give the tips and techniques and go - and if you fancy a bit of accountability, tell me about the big goals you're going for.

And if you've got some great 'keep-those-motivation-wheels-going' tips that work for you - remember sharing is caring - so let the world know by leaving a comment below.

Take care of yourself and have a fabulous day!

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Y'all know sharing is caring right? So please share this blog with your friends and make them happy!

© Ruthy Baker 2022


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