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How to Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Do you wonder how to achieve your goals? One of the problems that people see a life coach for is because they are not getting the results that they want to see. Perhaps they set goals and ‘fail’ to achieve them. Maybe they wait until the time is right, they’ve achieved the level of confidence they feel they need, or the level of competence, knowledge, or whatever else they consider they lack.

Yet the truth is that none of us ever completely ‘get there.’ There will never be a time when you have it all together to the point where no matter what you do you’ll never make a mistake. Get comfortable with the fact that ain’t gonna happen!

Achieve Your Goals - One Step at a Time

When dealing with any challenge, goal, intention or desired result, it’s important to achieve it one step, or one piece, at a time. And while moving forward, it’s important to take time out along the journey to recognise that in moving towards the end result, you’ll grow as a person – in knowledge and capability. How to achieve your goals is less important than who you become in the process.

You Won't Fail to Achieve Your Goals

Therefore, you can’t ‘fail’ in any of your challenges, provided you continue to move forward. Granted, the ‘forward motion’ may be slightly off-course at times,. But even if it is, it will provide you with consistent and valuable feedback that you can use to redirect yourself.

If you want to know how to achieve your goals, then I’ve got one piece of valuable advice. And that’s to start from where you are now, with what you know in this moment. You’ll learn what you need to along the way. Don’t wait until you or life is ‘perfect.’ Instead, resolve to be imperfectly travelling the path towards your dream. Do one thing, no matter how small, towards your goal. Get curious about how life can unfold. See what happens. Don’t wait. Start now!

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