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Circle of Confidantes – Tune into the Wisdom of Others

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The Circle of Confidantes is a great way to tune into the wisdom of others. It enables you to learn to mentally construct and even psychically connect – with other perspectives – to assist you in gaining the knowledge you seek.

This is a great technique to access your own storehouse of knowledge too. And it’s useful for those times when you’re really unsure what to do next.

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself ‘I wonder what Tony Robbins (or whoever!) would do in a situation like this.’

Yet you can mentally ask whoever you think would be helpful to chat to – and find out what they think and what action they would take. Neat eh?

Circle of Confidantes Exercise:

1. Imagine ten people (either living or from history), whom you admire and whose advice would be valuable and insightful. In your mind, position them all around a large circular table.

2. Imagine writing your challenge or problem on a whiteboard in large letters to enable them to be clear about your issue.

3. Now ask the Circle of Confidantes to brainstorm ideas and discuss between themselves possible solutions.

4. Notice how one approach and idea leads to another.

5. Do not judge any of the answers, simply allow them to flow from one perspective to another.

6. When the meeting has finished, or there are no more ideas coming forward, thank your Circle of Confidantes for their help.

7. Do not decide there and then what you think is the best answer. Sleep on it and then select the answer that provides the best solution to your problem.

This is a great tool to use to gain answers to all sorts of questions:

What is the best career path for you?

How can you make the best use of your talents?

What is the best way for you to achieve your goal?

There’s no end to the questions you can ask. So, use this technique regularly to rocket boost your creative thinking ability, and find new ways of approaching the challenges you face!

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