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The Law of Attraction Needs Action!

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

The law of attraction needs action. Specifically, your action.

When you let life guide you on your path to purpose, you’ll feel the reward of joy in what you do and where you are. Life will have a ‘feel good’ vibe. For those of you who have heard of the Law of Attraction, you’ve learned that moments and situations seem to flow with a distinct pattern and insight, without the force of your own hands. And you’ve learned that powerful occurrences take place when we simply stop to allow them to. So, learn to ride the wave like a spiritual badass – not against it!

The Law of Attraction needs Action

Allowing life to happen doesn’t mean you’re not meant to take action. In fact, the opposite is said to be true. The Law of Attraction needs action, there’s no parking your butt on the sofa thinking that it’s all going to come to you. Spoiler alert: it ain’t!

There’s always footwork to be done. You have to meet life halfway. The effort you put into yourself and the world around you is what will essentially be returned to you.

Learn to recognize opportunity that’s fitting to your path and that resonates with your dreams. Then work to obtain it. Allowing life to unfold means you’re creating adequate space for life to breathe on its own terms. Without getting in the way.

Allow Life to Unfold Naturally

Soon you’ll discover that you’re surrounded by the appropriate happenstance at the right time. People, places, and things become precisely placed in your life, almost like actors and props in a play. Neat eh? You have the ability to embrace these moments and people and take with you the lessons you’ve learned. Yet, you’re not always aware that it’s you that has set the stage.

When you let life happen, you’re admitting to yourself that there’s a universal force surrounding you and your capabilities. Every move you make is part of the intricate make-up of your environment, emphasizing how important each of us truly is.

You can listen to this natural movement of life – or you can refuse to hear – never seeking that which you were intended. It’s up to you to observe and participate in the orchestrated sequences occurring all around you. That’s the part of the law of attraction that needs action – your attention to how the stage of life is playing out around you – is part of the action you need to take. Pay attention, look, learn, intend – they’re all actions.

Watch and discern life’s directions at work. You may not have been born with maps in your hands, but you were born with an intuitive sense of direction. It’s up to you to take the time to look at the world around you, understand the options before you, and pay attention to where and what has the right vibe for you.

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