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Guided Meditation to Overcome Procrastination – Sleep Story for Adults

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

So, you want to overcome procrastination? Is procrastination the result of simply delaying a task that needs to be done? Or is it more to do with wanting the perfect outcome, yet knowing that perfection isn’t obtainable, so best wait until you’re perfectly able to create the perfect result – which doesn’t happen?

Done is Better than Perfectly Undone

The thing to remember is that done is better than perfectly undone. And it’s all about what we say about the task in hand. Instead of ‘must do’ or ‘have to’, what if you say to yourself that you ‘get to do’ something? Has a different slant to it, doesn’t it?

Even better than that, think about that job that needs to be done and think in terms of ‘I choose to do this now’, rather than think you need to overcome procrastination.

Procrastination is often the by-product of feeling overwhelmed by the to-do list you give yourself. And, on some level, it’s also your body-mind-energy system telling you to recharge your batteries before tackling the next assignment.

The Power of Momentum

If you’ve been putting off today what you can do the day after tomorrow, or even in a month, and then mentally beat yourself up for the lack of results, then to my mind it isn’t a lack of motivation. Instead it’s a lack of understanding the power of momentum, which is the real key to getting stuff done!

Find an Accountability Buddy

And don’t overlook the power of accountability. If you find it difficult to keep on track, then find an accountability partner or a life coach, who can help you plan out what needs to be done. Especially one that doesn’t accept excuses! It also helps to have someone else look over you’re intentions. As the saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’ and they may have some excellent ideas for streamlining your work.

The idea is to get started and to keep going. Simply decide what it is you want to do and get on it. Even if it’s just a small start, a tweak to an existing work-in-progress that you had put to one side, but which now needs to be completed. The fact that you start is more important than exactly how you begin. Just start!

Listen up!

In this guided meditation to overcome procrastination, you’ll be eased into a sense of relaxation as you listen to the story of the ‘Island of Completion’ and you’ll learn how to get into action as you meet the characters in this delightful tale. Many people want to stop dilly-dallying, overcome procrastination and get stuff done, complete tasks and achieve their goals, but seem to self-sabotage. But procrastination can be side-stepped and this guided meditation to overcome procrastination is designed to help you on your journey to effortless action, with a sense of ease and confidence in your ability to achieve.

Only use this guided meditation ‘Overcome Procrastination’ if it’s safe for you to do so. Do not listen to this guided meditation if you’re driving, or at any time when your full conscious awareness is required. If you have epilepsy , a significant mental health problem, or are pregnant, or any other health problem that may be impacted, please refer to your medical practitioner to ensure it’s okay to proceed and listen to this audio.

It’s best to listen through headphones and to make yourself comfortable, in order to maximize the relaxation effect.

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