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Boundaries – Why You Need Them

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Let’s talk about boundaries…

Why are they important?

They’re the line in the sand you decide not to cross. More importantly, you don’t let others cross the line. And that’s because when they’re crossed you end up feeling angry, disappointed and upset. Shitty even. Especially when you don’t speak up and tell it like it is, that you don’t tolerate crap – from anyone.

But the truth is when you turn a blind eye, tolerate the ‘I was only joking’ put down, or give them yet another ‘benefit of the doubt’… you’re letting people treat you badly.

Over time that builds up and begins to erode your sense of self – self-value… self-esteem… self-respect.

But it’s never too late to start repairing the boundaries.

Begin by deciding what you want the boundaries to be. Think about what in the past you’ve tolerated and how you felt about it. Think about what you’ll no longer tolerate. Then stick to it.

And in every interaction be aware that you’re training that person how to treat you. Remember that.

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