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7 Easy Ways to Calm Your Mind Without Meditation

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Calm your mind quickly with these simple but effective ways. Meditation is a powerful tool, but it’s not the only way to calm your mind. Consider these tricks to find peace and inner calmness.

Try these ideas to calm your mind and feel better:

1 – Breathe and feel peaceful.

The simple act of breathing can help you calm down quickly and reduce anxiety. Breathing can help you focus on the moment and forget your worries. A few deep breaths help relax your muscles as your cells receive the extra oxygen.

  • Learn simple breathing exercises or just breathe deeply.

2 – Have an attitude of gratitude.

By showing gratitude, you can change your focus and find peace. Being thankful and saying it can help you see the positive things that are around you.

  • Send an email, talk on the phone, or write a note to someone that you would like to thank.

  • When stopping and giving thanks, you’re also living in the present moment. When your mind is on the present moment, there’s no room for worry about the future or regret about your past.

3 – Smile.

How often do you smile during the day? Do you smile at strangers as well as friends?

  • Smiling can instantly boost your mood. It can help relax the body and mind, help the immune system, and reduce stress.

  • Research published in the journal Psychological Science shows that even a fake smile can have a positive effect on the body. The act of smiling positively affects the brain.

4 – Go for a hike or enjoy nature.

If meditation doesn’t appeal to you because it involves sitting, then go for a hike or find another way to enjoy nature. Explore a park, trail, or other natural area near you.

  • Notice the sounds, smells, and visuals in front of you as you walk.

  • Nature can have a soothing impact on the brain and body.

  • Try a ‘Walking Meditation’ that will help you focus on increasing your inner calm as you walk. Pop on your headphones and listen to the walking meditation in the link below.

5 – Switch off your mobile phone and other devices.

Constant communication and connection can make it hard to have a calm mind. Turn off your phones, tablets, computers and other devices to find peace.

  • By disconnecting from technology for brief periods of time, you’ll be able to relax.

6 – Play with your pet.

If you’re lucky to have a dog, cat, or other animal, play with them to find calmness. Research shows that pets can help people stay calm and relax.

  • Try petting your dog or cat for an extended period of time. Only focus on them and don’t think about other issues.

  • Consider taking your pet for a walk and getting exercise at the same time.

7 – Roll up your sleeves and get chores done.

Sometimes, manual labor such as cleaning the house or mowing the lawn can help calm your mind. Exercise can boost brain chemicals that make you happy.

  • Manual labour can help you forget issues by forcing you to focus on completing the tasks. Plus, there’s the extra boost of a job well done.

  • Look for activities that need to be done at home or at work. Do the dishes, vacuum, clean out closets, or organize cabinets. Sort the garage or attic, try gardening, or pull weeds. Clear the clutter and notice how your newly decluttered environment helps to calm your mind.

Although meditation can be important, it’s not the only way to calm your mind.

Consider trying other methods and experimenting until you find the ones that work best for you.

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