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Create a Positive Soundtrack for Your Life

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Why do you need to create a positive soundtrack for your life?

Have you ever heard a sad song out-of-the-blue that suddenly took you back in time to when you experienced heartbreak? Perhaps you had just broken up from a relationship with the person you thought was ‘the one’ – or were dumped unceremoniously – and you just couldn’t stop playing ‘your song’ over and over again. Emotion ripped you apart and the tears fell.

It’s amazing how the first few strands of music can transport you back; bringing with it the stirring of bittersweet memories. Long forgotten thoughts of coupledom with a significant other can be surprisingly triggering.

And just a song can do it.

One of the first things I tell the newly heartbroken to do is to cut all contact. Unfollow on social media, maintain total radio silence, box up all mementos and store them out of sight – and stop playing any music that reminds you of the relationship. Not doing so is simply picking the scab on the heart that needs to be left alone to heal.

Don’t Play the Blues

‘If you keep playing the blues, you’ll experience them in your life,’ said Lillian Too, the famous Feng Shui expert. What she referred to is how your environment affects you, including the music you listen to. She’s absolutely right.

Our minds are easily influenced by what we say to ourselves. Think of the subconscious as a pair of eyes and ears, taking in all of your self-talk and actions, and creating meaning that it loops over-and-over again. Every cell and neuron within you will eavesdrop, not only on your self-talk and actions, but also to what’s going on around you.

The Effect of a Negative Soundtrack

Everybody has experienced the energy vampire, who is the person that is constantly negative, critical and moans about everyone and everything. If it’s someone that’s not easy to get away from, such as a colleague or a family member, their constant negative narrative can get you down. Ten minutes into the conversation and you’re totally drained – ugh. There’s only so much of it anyone can take!

It’s interesting to note how sounds and words make you feel. Whether it’s listening to Negative Nancy or a certain type of music, become aware of not only the surface feeling it stirs in you; also notice what effect it has on your energy level. Does your energy go up or down when you listen to it? Even music that appears upbeat, perhaps with a catchy tune and soulful beat, but which has negative lyrics, can make you feel unsettled, without you being aware it’s happening. That’s because your subconscious takes in everything, analyses it for meaning, and creates a corresponding feeling within you.

Manage the Soundtrack of Your Life

By becoming curious about the actual effect certain sounds, and especially music, has on you, it’s possible to carefully manage the soundtrack of your life, so that it supports you, leaves you energized and in a great mood.

In time, you’ll discover music falls into different categories: Music that makes you want to exercise, boost your motivation to start a project, increases creativity, encourages relaxation and sleep, helps you power through the chores, or even focus on something that requires your full concentration.

When you listen to a track ask yourself – what does this music make me want to do? Jot down the answer and then categorize the music under different headings. This will enable you to create music soundtracks that you not only enjoy, but when catalogued and played together, will increase your ability to create the right type of energy for what you want to achieve.

Life is more enjoyable when you take steps to limit anything that doesn’t support you. You’ll find a sense of flow and ease simply by learning to be more in tune with the effect of what you allow into your mind.

Listen up and remember – your soundtrack becomes your mind-track!

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