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Rampage of Appreciation

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I’m a huge fan of the work of Esther and the late Jerry Hicks and the Rampage of Appreciation technique. They teach that we all create our own reality through what we pay attention to and focus on. How we feel about what we focus on, our emotions, are our personal guidance system that tell us how far away we are from what we desire or wish to manifest into our lives.

Therefore, it’s essential to think carefully about what we focus on and, where possible, begin to work on how we feel about it. To the best of our ability, we need to reach for the next best emotional state, which in turn will raise our vibrational set point. Don’t forget, the Universe is responding to that emotional set point, so practicing ways of increasing it to a better feeling state is key.

What you appreciate appreciates

The ‘Rampage of Appreciation’ is a technique taught by Abraham-Hicks to lift your emotional set point. It consists of thinking about things in your world that you feel grateful for; everything from having water to drink, food to eat, a roof over your head, anything and everything that you can think of and be thankful for. You then speak aloud one thing after another, and as you do so, more things will enter your consciousness to feel thankful for.

Choose’ to be grateful

To increase the effectiveness of the Rampage of Appreciation technique, use the word ‘choose’ regularly within your verbal rampage. A great word is choose, which demonstrates that you aren’t just feeling a sense of thankfulness but that you are also carrying out an action of recognizing, evaluating, appraising and making the choice to show, through your words to the Universe, that you want more of this. Besides, it’s a great tonic for the soul to choose to remind yourself to notice what’s great in your life!

Try the following:

  1. I choose to appreciate…

  2. I choose to be thankful for…

  3. I choose to be grateful for…

  4. I love and am thankful for…

  5. I feel gratitude for…

  6. I choose to give thanks for…

Gratitude is such a powerful state of being that attracts more to be grateful for. But the real art in having an attitude of gratitude is in learning to be grateful for that which has yet to manifest into your life. It’s fairly easy to look around at what you already have in your life. Being grateful for what is to come – even when you can’t see it yet – speeds up the process of manifesting into your life what you want.

More than that, you’ll find that what appears to be problematical in your life now will begin to tone down, fade out or be transformed. Life has a habit of rearranging itself around you when you express your appreciation!

Remember to be thankful

Remember when you’re having a bad day that it’s your perception of the event or situation that can be changed. When something bursts your bubble, it’s easy to slip into ‘pissed off’ mode. To counteract this put up reminders to assist you to remember to practice gratitude; such as post-it notes, a message on your laptop or a reminder on your phone. Enjoy using the Rampage of Appreciation technique and let me know how it positively impacts you!

Remember – what you look for you’ll find.

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