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The Power of Words

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

If you want to explore the power of your words, then you need look no further than the wonderful work of Dr. Masuru Emoto. In a series of experiments, Dr. Emoto demonstrated how words can have a direct effect on the structure of water.

Dr. Emoto’s experiments began in 1994, when he used sounds, pictures and written words, and examined their influence on water, which was subsequently frozen and photographs taken of the resulting ice crystals. What he found was that classical music, lovely pictures and positive words produced beautiful, well-formed crystals, but heavy metal type music, ugly pictures and negative words either produced no crystals or distorted, ill-formed crystals.

The Effect of Written Words

If written words, such as gratitude and love have such an amazing effect on water, then what effect would the power of words have on you, especially when you consider that you are made up of anything from 60% to 75% of water?

If the words we write are taken in by us, not only at a subconscious level but also at the molecular level, then isn’t it a good idea to surround ourselves with uplifting words?

This isn’t a new concept, it’s centuries old. Many cultures use symbols or the power of words to convey an idea, which is used to decorate the environment and consequently radiates out and affects individuals on the subconscious level. My favourites include the Chinese symbols of ‘double happiness’ and ‘good fortune’, which I also wear as jewellery.

The Power of Words in Your Home

Words used in décor are a wonderful way to demonstrate what you wish to be surrounded by. Through the law of attraction, they help to lift your personal energy level and emanate out to the Universe your wishes.

Action Point:

Find some attractive frames, they needn’t be expensive. You could explore charity shops or bargain basements for frames, which you could then paint in your favourite colour to match your décor. Then think of words that capture the essence of what you want more of in your life. Do you want more Love, Gratitude, Wealth or Vitality? Whatever it is, think of the ideal word.

Next find some good quality paper or card, in whatever colour you prefer, and cut it to size to fit the frame. Get creative and write your chosen word onto the paper or card. Perhaps you could practice some calligraphy, or find a font on your computer that you particularly like and print the word out onto paper. Set the paper into the frame, hang it up and enjoy the effect that the power of words has on you.

Be Creative with the Power of Words

There are lots of ways to utilize the power of words around you. What other ways can you think of? Pop a comment below and share your thoughts with the rest of us. I can’t wait to see what novel ideas you come up with!

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