Uncover Your Hidden Beliefs

Updated: Aug 31

One of the fastest ways to uncover your hidden beliefs is by using visualization exercises. Try the following to see what comes up for you. Either read through and then do the exercise, or try recording it if you think this will be easier for you: Imagine you’re lying on a beach of soft, golden sand. The sun is shining, a slight breeze surrounds you, and the gentle murmur of happy holidaymakers hums in the air, while you enjoy a spot of people watching. Settling down you feel yourself beginning to relax, as every muscle becomes loose, gently releasing tension easily and effortlessly.

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a glint of extreme brightness. Curious, you sit up and narrow your eyes, which brings an object into focus. It’s a kite, sparkling in the sky like a beacon desperate to catch your attention. You get up and walk over to the kite, grab hold of its string and claim ownership of it. You pull the kite towards you and notice it has words printed on it. Intrigued, you begin to pull it towards you even faster. You read aloud the words. ‘You Are Enough. You Are Worthy.’

How do these words make you feel?

You say to yourself ‘I Am Enough…. I Am Worthy’ over and over again.

This exercise works to uncover your hidden beliefs through the feelings that come up. If you feel any resistance or discomfort begin to rise, use meridian tapping to dispel any uncomfortable feelings and to help you dissolve your resistance to feeling ‘good enough.’

In life, the biggest obstacle to reaching our dreams and desires is to believe they are not available to us, because if we believe we aren’t enough or that we’re not worthy, we start to believe our dreams and desires are impossible, which in turn stops us from even attempting to go after them.

Why it’s important to uncover hidden beliefs

This is why it’s so important to uncover your hidden beliefs and learn how to dispel them. Our beliefs about what is possible are so deeply ingrained they appear to be the solid truth. But that truth is built on the shaky foundations of lies fed to us by others, as well as the false meaning we attribute to otherwise meaningless events in our lives.

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