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Feeling Scattered? You Need Mindfulness!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

There's so much that's wrong with the way we tend to live our lives nowadays. Mostly because our brains are stuck in the past. By which I mean our ancestors evolved in an environment that's completely different to the world we find ourselves in now. And although we're living in the modern world, our minds are running ancestral software that's yet to be upgraded to cope with the everyday stresses we face. To some extent we've done our best to adapt and gain abilities and traits to try to be effective in our current environment. Alas, not always successfully.

We sit in chairs facing a screen all day long feeling aches and pains, we eat takeaways because we’re too short of time to cook, and we face constant stresses from work, from our relationships, and from our finances. Plus, we’re bombarded by news bulletins that make us want to batten down the hatches against a world outside that can appear frightening.

What’s more, we are constantly in demand and endlessly ‘plugged in’ and ‘stressed out’. Our phones are always ringing, texts are always coming in, we get a new e-mail every two minutes. We're expected to wear our 'so busy, too busy' medals on our chests, as if it's something to be incredibly proud of. And even when most of us aren’t working or being bothered, we have a near addiction to technology that means we’re still unable to really decompress.

Is it any wonder that stress and overwhelm are so rife?

Using Mindfulness to Escape Modern Stress

This is probably a big part of the reason that mindfulness is so popular right now. Mindfulness simply means directing attention in a purposeful manner. Sometimes this will mean focusing on our thoughts (in an objective and non-judgemental way). Or it can it simply becoming more present and focusing on our breathing and our environment.

Either way, the idea of mindfulness is to enjoy peace and to stop the incessant chatter of our minds. When you are completely engaged with the world around you, or when you decide to disengage with your thoughts, it provides you with relief from stress and from fear – and instead allows you to simply relax and recover. In a sense, it's a form of self-healing. Just as the body knows how to heal a cut all by itself, because the cells of the body have an innate intelligence all of their own, so too do our minds begin to recover from stress when we turn off the tap of our stress inner-talk. We are self-healing beings but need to take time out from physical and mental stress in order to facilitate the healing.

Mindfulness for Concentration

What’s more, practicing mindfulness is also the perfect tool for improving concentration. Mindfulness forces you to develop a ‘mental discipline’ that is sorely lacking for many of us today. Too often, most of us have too many things vying for our attention. While we have allegedly become better at multi-tasking as a result, we’ve also become much worse at focusing on one thing for extended periods. This makes it harder for us to read a large passage of text for instance, or to work without feeling the need to continuously check social media. It’s a trap that’s too easy to fall into, and it can leave our minds feeling scattered. But the fear of missing out on information, what’s going on, who’s doing what… is simply an unfounded and not helpful fear.

Again, mindfulness is the perfect tonic. Here, you are tasked with focusing on your environment, your thoughts or your feelings for an extended period of time. And as such, you improve your own focus and mental discipline. It may sound a tad too simple to be effective, but the results will have an infinitely profound effect on you!

So, if you’re feeling scattered, it's time to stop and think... of nothing!

“You have a treasure within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.” – Eckhart Tolle

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Sending you love and hugs...

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