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Journal with Your Inner Child

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Why journal with your inner child? As a child your mind was open and naturally curious and intuitive about the world around you. Your dreams were not criticized or censored by your inner mind. Life was about discovery, fun and learning.

But then, as you grew up, the voices around you wanted to shape your mind to their way of thinking. Their voices became the programming, the software, that became what your mind believed to be true. And the inner child became somehow lost inside.

The Power of Questions

Yet, there’s a way to reconnect with the inner child – through keeping a journal. By journaling daily, it’s possible to uncover the layers of ‘logical programming,’ to reveal the gift of intuition that lies beneath. This is achieved by writing questions that prompt your inner child to answer. When you write a question, it’s as if your inner child, via your subconscious mind, wakes from a long sleep, rubs its eyes as it awakens into curiosity, looks around at the memories, thinks about the questions, and then answers.

The questions can be about your past or about what your inner child needs to feel nurtured. This is particularly important if there were moments of sadness, a sense of loss, or feelings of abandonment. Sometimes, what’s more important were not the actual events that happened, but rather the moments that never happened – the ‘missing moments.’ Those moments when you should have received praise, when you needed to feel loved and secure, when your achievements were not celebrated, and when you should have been appreciated for the wonderful and magical being that you were – and still are.

These tips can help you get started:

Choose your medium. Notebooks seem to work the best, but find one that sings to your heart, that’s a pleasure to use, as that will make your journal time special.

Choose a time to journal each day. The end of the day, as you reflect on your day, is a great time for journaling.

Avoid missing more than one day at a time. If you journal with your inner child regularly, the daily written words will strengthen the connection.

Keep your entries fairly short, as this will encourage you to write regularly.

Record those wisps of thought, the hidden dreams and desires, which float up from your subconscious. Often, these reveal the hidden, innate talents that you possess but that had been forgotten through the passage of time.

Keep your journal private and secure. Knowing that your thoughts and those of your inner child remain private enables you to be more open and flowing in the revelations between you.

Questions to Journal with Your Inner Child:

What do you want to do today?

What do you need from me?

How can I make you feel loved?

How do you want to connect with me today?

What missing event do you need me to fulfil for you?

What should I be open to this week?

What shall we learn together?

Is there a hobby you want to do?

Move Forward as You Journal with Your Inner Child

These questions are simply starting points and ideas. As you move along your journal journey with your inner child, you’ll find that you know what to ask. It’s a two-way conversation, sometimes you’ll want to think of questions to journal with your inner child, and at other times, your inner child will want to ask you.

As you reconnect with that forgotten part of you, you’ll discover a sense of wholeness within yourself, and fill in the missing jigsaw pieces of your mind. As you enter into the conversation, do so with a sense of lightness and joy. Have fun together. Move forward together. And notice the inner sparkle that rises up. That’s the joy your inner child feels because s/he knows that you’re both really made up of stardust. It’s just that you had forgotten.

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