Write Down Your Problems to Clear Them!

Updated: Aug 31

Write down your problems to clear them? That may seem a strange concept, and yet it’s a way to access the solution-focussed part of your subconscious mind.

If you find yourself ruminating over problems, perhaps worrying about work, finances, health or relationship woes, it’s often helpful to write down your concerns.

When you write down your problems to clear them, such as any negative thoughts and feelings, it’s an effective way to access not only the emotions and beliefs that cause you angst, but also to consider possible solutions. Getting it down on paper helps to sort out the muddled thinking that keeps you entrapped in a worry loop. It’s a great method to clear the head trash!

Worry is Simply a Reminder

In a sense, when you journal concerns you bring them out into the open, instead of trying to keep a lid on them. Having repetitive worry is simply your mind reminding you that something needs to be dealt with or acknowledged.

Maybe you’re worried that you made a mistake and can’t stop stressing about it. What are the lessons that you can learn from your mistake. By writing them down you gain a sense of perspective and begin to calm down. Writing helps to stop the negative worry spin and give you clarity on the situation. Try the following action point to help clear the mind junk:

Action Point:

Grab a pen and some paper and settle down to write. Set a timer for ten minutes. Now, without stopping, simply write what comes to mind. Allow the words to spill onto the page without editing. When the ten minutes is up, write ‘I am willing to release these worries’ at the bottom of the page. If it is safe to do so, set fire to the paper, as this helps your mind to achieve a stronger sense of release. Otherwise, simply rip up the paper and dispose of it.

Find time to do this daily and notice how you begin to feel less stressed and more energetic.

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