Can Switchwords Change Your Life?

Updated: Aug 31

Can switchwords change your life? Learn what they are and how to use them here!

The famous psychotherapist, Sigmund Freud, noted that certain words had the power to affect the subconscious mind, causing it to change thinking or behavioural patterns. James T. Mangan, a public relations specialist and author, became fascinated with the concept of single words effectively utilising the power of the subconscious mind to create a different way of being. He used the term ‘switchwords’ for the one-word mantra style affirmations, which set into motion an effect that the subconscious mind has to obey. Mangan’s concept has been tested by thousands of people and is explained in his book ‘The Secret of Perfect Living.’

What are Switchwords?

Switchwords are single words that appear to influence the subconscious through the process of repetition. The subconscious mind understands the root meaning of a word, together with its vibrational frequency. Because of this, it is compelled to carry out the essence of the word. The purpose that the conscious mind relates to a word may appear inconsequential or even illogical. But the subconscious mind will take in the hidden instruction contained in the word and will comply with the command within the switchword.

What can Switchwords be used for?

They are useful for a variety of issues that you are dealing with, or changes in your life you wish to make. Everything from weight loss, increasing your finances, finding your ideal love – to overcoming addiction to psychics.

How to use them

  1. Speak them aloud or silently to yourself frequently

  2. Write them down repeatedly in a notebook or journal

  3. Combine them with other techniques, such as Meridian Tapping (i.e. Emotional Freedom Technique)

  4. Display the words around your home in artwork, on post-it notes or as a screensaver on your computer

  5. Write them on yourself in ink

  6. Listen to Switchword recordings in the background while going about your day or sleeping

Allow sufficient time for your subconscious mind to create change using Switchwords – at least 30 days.

What Switchwords should be used?

My book ‘Speak Yourself Happy’ contains a list that you can choose from. Buy this book! – Click on the link below: Speak Yourself Happy: Use Switchwords to Create Your Ideal Life Kindle Edition – Ruthy Baker:

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