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Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

When you create a vision board to achieve your goals, it does seem to work – and the reason why is ingenuous. Yet, it sounds a bit wacky that a collage of your desires on a piece of board can help you realize your desires, doesn’t it?

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a place where you can display your wishes and view it on a daily basis. Think of it as the ‘art of manifesting’ your desires. Instead of carrying around what you require in your head – and perhaps putting it to the back of your mind – the vision board helps you to keep focussed on what you want.

You can use anything that represents what you aspire to, such as photos, magazine cuttings or affirmations. Whatever will encourage and motivate you towards something you want to manifest, or perhaps something you want to do, to be or to have.

How does a Vision Board work?

The reason why a vision board is so useful is because it is seen regularly and so reminds your subconscious to focus on your aspirations. It keeps you on track. And if you have a crappy day and get caught up in the immediate drama, looking at the collage of your aims can help you to look forward past your present problems and towards your dreams.

The language of the subconscious mind is images, whether still or moving, so putting up a vision board with the symbols that represent your chosen aim, will speak directly to the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind responds to repetition and familiarity. Therefore, the vision board helps to constantly affirm and repeat back to your subconscious what you want. Through the power of repetition what you require and desire becomes ‘familiar’ to the subconscious mind; which causes it to manifest into reality your goals. In essence, it’s a useful tool to create a bridge between what you dream of and the concrete reality of it.

Seeing is Believing

But in order to be effective, the vision board must be displayed in a prominent place where you will see it. It’s no good creating it and then storing it in a closet. Because this is an instance where ‘out of sight’ really will be ‘out of mind’. And you do want to keep your subconscious mind firmly focussed on you needs.

How to make a Vision Board

Making one is easy. You simply need a piece of strong card or board, which you can colour or paint as you wish. Then find images, affirmations, clippings from magazines, or anything that represents your end goals, and simply pin or adhere to the board to make a collage. It’s a great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. If you want to make a real occasion of it, pop on some uplifting music, fill the room with aromatic scent and perhaps even light some candles, to inspire the manifestation maestro within you.

And when you reach a goal on the board? Celebrate… and then simply update it with another goal!

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