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Astrology & Bach Flower Remedies

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Do you have an interest in astrology? Did you know that Bach flower remedies are matched to star signs?

Your horoscope carries within it the essence of who you are, your abilities and talents, your mental and emotional makeup. It’s like an energetic snapshot taken at the moment of your birth and details how the various planets influence your character, including strengths and weaknesses.

Bach flower remedies work on the energetic (vibrational) level and use the tender healing properties of nature to rebalance your inner being.

If the planets appear to be throwing astrological curveballs, the odd difficult aspect to your natal chart, or if a Mercury retrograde is causing problems, then you might like to check out Bach Flower Remedies and the Twelve Healers!

Bach Flower Remedies & The Twelve Healers

Bach flower remedies are the extracts of flowers in a liquid form, suspended in a base of grape alcohol. Bach's original twelve flower essences were attributed to twelve personality types. Candy Hillenbrand, a well-known writer on the subject, notes that Bach believed that the twelve personality types were attuned to an individual's moon sign, although he didn’t explain how the personality types and zodiac signs matched up.

Peter Damien's excellent book, The Astrological Study of the Bach Flower Remedies, expanded the idea and his work became the starting point for my interest in how flower remedies and astrology can work together.

Astrology - How the Planets Reveal Who You Are

Let’s concentrate on the three major points in the zodiac - the positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant (which is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth).

  • Sun position indicates your basic drives, motivations, and body type.

  • Moon shows your instinctive emotional responses to situations and other people.

  • Ascendant describes how you view the world, how others see you, your physical attributes.

It’s also useful to consider Mercury, since this shows how your thought processes work and, as we all know, the mind is a powerful influence on your wellbeing.

If you wanted to take a deeper dive into your natal chart, then you could look at other elements of your chart. For instance, horoscopes are divided into the twelve houses, which are sections that govern different areas of our lives, such as work, relationships, parents and career. Examples are:

  • First house, dictated by the Ascendant, indicates body type and how you present yourself to the world.

  • Sixth house deals with health and shows your attitude to your body and wellbeing, as well as indicating potential problem areas.

  • Twelfth house shows where your unconscious helps or hinders you.

It's interesting to examine the chart when you’re facing difficulties in a certain sector. For instance, if further education, exams and college life are a bit of a headache, then checking the ninth house sign and using the corresponding flower remedy may prove useful.

How many Flower Remedies are used?

Each horoscope has a specific 'story' that is repeated, and the 'flavour' of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Mercury positions are echoed in the angles made by the various planets, as well as the tone set by the different houses. So, although some practitioners will mix up to seven flower essences, when referencing the horoscope, fewer are needed if the same zodiac sign has more than one planet. For instance, the Sun and Mercury are often in the same sign and it’s unnecessary to repeat a flower essence in a blend more than once.

Know Yourself to Heal Yourself

Each zodiac sign has positive and negative points. The corresponding flower essence will help to stress the positive and calm down any less desirable or erratic energy.

A horoscope gives you the ability to know yourself as it's an opportunity to focus on what makes you as an individual 'tick'. Once you’re armed with this knowledge, you’re in a better position to look at the areas that need a quick tune-up.

The corresponding flower essences, specific to your own Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Mercury positions, give you the ability to create balance within yourself. Once your physical (Sun/Ascendant), emotional (Moon) and mental (Mercury) elements are working at their best, and in harmony, you’ll be better able to deal with life’s challenges.

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” — Dane Rudhyar

The Twelve Healers and the corresponding Zodiac Signs

Aries - Impatiens

In a hurry and easily frustrated, preferring to work alone as others just don't do things fast enough. Quick tempered and may have a tendency towards angry nervous tension. Flares up quickly but calms down just as fast - although others may take a while to recover from the fallout! Impatiens increases patience with other people and life, bringing a sense of calm and tactfulness.

Taurus - Gentian

Negativity is the keyword, and Gentian types look at the downside of situations. Cut off from a sense of belief in life, this type feels spiritually bereft and easily disheartened by obstructions. Gentian brings more positive, hopeful feelings and a sense of one being 'good enough'.

Gemini - Cerato

Cerato types do not trust their own judgement and go from one person to another asking for a decision to be made for them. They appear naïve and lack determination. Their self-boundaries are hazy, as if they don’t know themselves, and they can wear different masks depending on who they’re with. Cerato brings a strong sense of self with the ability to follow one's own judgement.

Cancer - Clematis

Clematis types appear as if in a dream world, vague, with little interest in the concrete world around them. Their memory and thought processes are muddled. They lack vigour and sleep too much. Clematis brings renewed clarity to the thought processes and wakes up the mind to the world outside. Think of it as caffeine for the soul.

Leo - Vervain

With extremely strong principles for which they overly strive for, these people are hyperactive and quickly stressed out. They have trouble relaxing, as there’s always something that requires 'doing'. They have a strong sense of justice that causes them to be uptight about things. Vervain brings tolerance and the ability to appreciate the views of others and just relax.

Virgo - Centaury

These are the people who can't say no. They take on the jobs others don't want, believing it to be their lot in life. They’re constantly out of sorts and tired. Centaury gives to ability to assert one's rights and strengthen one's willpower, setting boundaries on how far to go helping others.

Libra - Scleranthus

These people never know what to do since they cannot make up their own minds, yet they are loathed to accept the opinions of others. They have trouble finding inner balance since their moods change like the wind, like a weathervane spinning around. Scleranthus helps to achieve inner balance and make correct decisions.

Scorpio - Chicory

Overly concerned with the lives of others, often interfering, and worried they’ll be forgotten about. They elicit pity from others and often use the line 'Don't you worry about me'. There may be emotional blackmail for their own gain and the need to crave attention. Chicory brings unconditional love for others requiring nothing in return.

Sagittarius - Agrimony

Tortured on the inside, cheerful on the outside, these people find it hard to reveal their actual feelings. They tend towards harmony and will do anything to 'maintain the peace'. To keep disturbing thoughts at bay, they require constant stimulation such as alcohol, cigarettes, and continuous activity. Agrimony help communicate one's fears and worries to others, opening up to others to enable a more realistic view of problems.

Capricorn - Mimulus

These people fear life but keep their fears to themselves. Reserved and can appear aloof. Introverts who are nervous, anxious and have trouble getting their words out. Mimulus brings bravery, strength of character, and empathy for others.

Aquarius - Water Violet

Appearing detached and aloof from others, these types are hard to reach emotionally and prefer their own company, excluding others completely. Water Violet acts to bring self-confidence, acceptance and understanding of others.

Pisces - Rock Rose

Extremely sensitive with no confidence in themselves, these people experience hidden fears they find difficult to access. Often psychic and overly emotional, they are too self-sacrificing. Rock Rose, one ingredient used in Emergency Essence, releases fear, reduces erratic psychic energy and balances sensitivity.

Want to know what your astrology natal chart looks like? Please click on the link:

Once you’ve calculated your natal chart, read through the descriptions for your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Mercury signs. Do they match how you feel when life is challenging? Drop me a line and let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

Oh, and remember - if mercury retrograde is getting you down, the planets dampen your vibe, and you've forgotten your moon sign or ascendant - you can grab a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy - fast!


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