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Get Calm Fast with the Oceanic Breath Technique

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Need to get your calm on? The Oceanic Breath technique will get the wind back in your sails in a jiffy!

What is the Oceanic Breath Technique?

Well, if you’re feeling wound up and restless, then listen up. You need a quick fix to clear your mind, calm anxiety and set you up for the day. Dive into this ‘Oceanic Breath’ exercise and take a dip into tranquility.

A Form of Detoxification

Yogic breathing exercises, known as pranyamas, help to soothe anxiety and clear negative thoughts and worries, and the calming benefits can be immediate. Based on Ujjayi breathing, with practice this technique is said to help clear buried emotions, bringing you into a state of equilibrium. It’s a form of detoxification for the body and mind, bringing more oxygen into the body and it’s an effective way to relieve nervous tension.

Oceanic Breath Process:

1. Find a quiet spot and ensure there is sufficient space for you to move around.

2. Stand with your feet pointing straight ahead, hip width apart, then gently bend your knees and stretch your spine upwards.

3. Relax your shoulders, mentally scan your body and soften any tension you notice.

4. Press your hands together in prayer form in front of your heart centre.

5. Deeply inhale through your nose and as you do so, extend your arms out to the sides.

6. Open your mouth and release the air from your lungs, as if sighing loudly with a ‘Haaah’ sound, at the same time bringing your hands back in front of your heart centre in prayer form.

7. This routine is called ‘Oceanic Breath’ because the sound is similar to the sound of the sea, gathering in to form a wave and then reaching out and touching the shore.

8. Repeat for five minutes to begin with and then increase the time as you practice.

How did the Oceanic Breath Technique go for you?

So, how did you get on? I’d love to hear your results, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Have a fabulous day peeps!

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