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Strong Bull Technique will Make You Feel Strong Inside!

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Strong Bull Technique – this is an excellent mind hack to use when you’re feeling weak and anxious, or others are making you feel ‘off-centre’, and enables you to feel more centred, still and strong within yourself.

The Strong Bull Technique will help you to understand the power of your mind. Use this ‘mind hack’ to help you feel more empowered.

Discover the Power of Your Mind

Stand and think about the person or problem that you have. While you’re in the thought zone of the person/problem, get someone to gently push you. You’ll find your helper can easily move you to one side.

After the Strong Bull Technique, you’ll be amazed to find how someone can attempt to push you but you’ll be much stronger and able to resist any attempt to push you around. You’ll no longer be the pushover you were before!

Once you understand how this works, you’ll be able to practice this method to keep your ‘mind muscle’ nice and strong.

It’s Not All Theory!

The reason I do this technique with my clients is because I think it’s fine to read the theory, but much better to experience the amazing power of hypnosis on the mind and thought processes on the body and the energy system.

The Strong Bull Technique:

1. Stand somewhere quiet where you’ll be undisturbed by others. Ensure your feet are flat on the floor. Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, three times. Close your eyes. Tune into your body and feel the stress or anxiety, concentrate on the memories or thoughts that are at the base of this feeling.

2. Now imagine that you are producing roots like a tree that are travelling deep into the earth. The roots begin in your head and travel through your body and out through your feet. Make the roots thick and strong, and allow them to burrow further and further into the core of the earth. Imagine the roots producing thick tendrils that are grabbing onto any rocks and boulders along their travels. Make them grow longer and deeper right into the centre of the earth. Feel how strong and secure you are. Breathe slowly and deeply into the core of the earth.

3. Now imagine bringing your thoughts and any associated feelings or emotions down into your stomach and then into your hips, down your thighs all the way down into your feet and out through the roots. Keep bringing your thoughts down all the way down through the roots into the core of the earth.

4. Now imagine that you are a bull. A strong bull. Feel the energy of the bull inside you, expanding more and more. Feel the power in your head, neck and shoulders. The bull is massive, strong and immovable. See in your mind’s eye how your muscles are becoming stronger and toned. Feel the strength of the bull moving into your arms. Feel how solid and immovable you are. Keep your concentration on the strength of the bull that you now are. Become stronger and stronger. Feel the energy moving and pulsating through your body, making your muscles feel even stronger, making you feel centred, strong and in control. Once the strength has reached a peak – anchor the feeling by pressing your thumb and middle finger together for 10 seconds. Then open your eyes, move and stretch your body gently.

5. Practice this process daily. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll only take a few minutes. This will help you to feel calm and in control, even when others try to knock you off balance. This is a wonderful technique for those who are victims of bullying.

You’ll Develop a Strong Presence

When you use this technique, you’ll develop a ‘strong presence’ and you’ll find those annoying peeps will give you a wide berth. Great mind and energy hack!

Do give it a go and let me know how you get on. And Remember – You Rock – But Hey, Only When You Want To!

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