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NLP Spin Doctor – Clear Your Anxiety Fast!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

NLP Spin Doctor – a great technique when you need to shift your worry in a hurry. A quick fix that can be used anywhere, even when you’re in the queue to pay for your groceries!

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was created by Richard Bandler and John Grindler, who studied the greatest therapists and distilled their knowledge, which they share with the world. I learned this brilliant technique during a training with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, and it instantly made a huge difference in how I felt. Try it now and discover how effective this quick and simple technique is.

NLP Spin Doctor Process:

1. Feelings in the body are not static, they tend to move around. Generally feelings tend to ‘spin’ in one of four ways (forwards, backwards, sideways left to right, or right to left). They can ‘spin’ at any speed, fast or slow.

2. Start by tuning into your anxiety and notice where it is in your body. Is it in your chest? In your stomach? Somewhere else?

3. Notice how it spins – the direction and speed. Which way does it spin? Is it fast or slow?

4. Become aware of the colour of the anxiety. Does it have a specific single colour, is it light or dark?

5. Change the colour of the anxiety to something completely different. Maybe add spots or stripes if you wish. Make the colour as bright as possible.

Change the Spin Direction

6. Now change the direction of the spinning to the opposite direction. For instance, if it was spinning forwards concentrate on making it spin backwards. Keep concentrating on spinning the feeling in the opposite direction. This might feel a bit weird or seem quite difficult to begin with but keep practising, it will become easier.

7. Keep the feeling spinning in the opposite direction from what it was originally. At the same time, increase the speed and continue to increase the speed until it’s spinning really fast.

8. Hold that changed colour and new spin direction in your mind for a couple of minutes.

9. Now stop. Distract yourself by getting on with something else. Come back and tune into the feeling. Notice how the feeling of anxiety has changed and lessened.

Repeating these processes often is the key to mastering them and utilizing their full effectiveness. Keep at it and let me know how you get on!

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