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Guided Meditation for Confidence – Sleep Story for Adults

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

In this guided meditation for confidence, you’ll have the opportunity to relax back and be taken on a journey towards developing self-confidence.

Confidence is a strange concept. It’s something that we imagine others have loads of. Especially in the world of social media, where people go to great lengths to show their best sides, best lives and best slideshows.

Yet it’s something we imagine we lack. We think we should feel confident in every aspect of our lives and, when we reach that magical point, our lives will somehow flow along with ease. As if our problems will disappear and everything will be wonderful in la-la-land.

Most people lack confidence at times

The truth is that most people lack confidence in some area of their life. On one level we know that to be confident without exception is illogical, yet we still consider ourselves lacking when we compare ourselves to others.

This ‘comparisionitis’ is a disease that is growing in the world. The feeling that we should be further along than we are now. That we should have it together much more than we do. We compare ourselves with people on the other side of the world. In fact, we compare ourselves to all the rich and famous, who in reality simply make their living from appearing to be confident. Which is not at all the same thing as truly being confident.

Are you confident about your lack of confidence?

And the really strange thing is that if you think you lack confidence, then you are very confident about your lack of confidence. You’re very sure of not being confident.

But really confidence is simply the ability to develop self-esteem. To have the ability to give it a go, despite being unsure of the outcome. The acceptance that you might fail but you’ll try it anyway. It’s certainly not the knowledge that no matter what you do, you’ll always succeed and tell anyone who’ll listen just how wonderful you are. That’s not confidence – that’s being a jerk.

Confidence and competence

Confidence comes with competence, which in turn comes from practice and persistence. Practice makes perfect as they say. Being good at something, developing a certain skill, brings confidence in your ability to go from inept amateur to skilled master. Developing competence shows you that you have the ability to change. Master competence in any skill or subject and you develop the confidence to know you can change anything about yourself that you desire.

Guided Meditation for Confidence:

Listen to this Guided Meditation for Confidence – Sleep Story for Adults – Learn to be Confident – Click on the link below:

In this guided meditation for confidence, you’ll be eased into a sense of relaxation as you listen to the story ‘Palace of Opportunity’ and learn to be confident as you meet the characters in this delightful tale. Many people want to become more confident and feel that they lack self-confidence. But confidence can be learned and built upon and this guided mediation for confidence is designed to help you on your journey to greater confidence and self-esteem.

Only use this guided meditation for confidence if it is safe for you to do so. Do not listen to this guided meditation if you are driving or at any time when your full conscious awareness is required. If you have epilepsy , a significant mental health problem, or are pregnant, please refer to your medical practitioner to ensure it’s okay to proceed and listen to this audio.

It’s best to listen through headphones and to make yourself comfortable, in order to maximize the relaxation effect.

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Here’s the link for the Guided Meditation for Confidence again – click on the link:

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