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The Sway Technique

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Do you find it difficult to make decisions? Try the Sway Technique.

The Sway Technique is a great way to get back in touch with your innate wisdom. When you use this energy technique, you’ll find it easier to know what is best for you, whether that’s a decision to be made or even what foods to eat.

What the Sway Technique will do for You

Learning this technique will help you build up your intuition muscles, and help you to learn to depend on yourself when it comes to making the right choices for yourself, by yourself.

This method connects you to your subconscious mind to allow you to access the wisdom and knowledge that’s contained deep within you.

It’s a technique that’s been well-known to energy workers for decades. And it’s now widely used within meridian therapy and even hypnotherapists, such as myself, who use this and other kinesiology based techniques.

Finding the Root of the Problem

I find it particularly useful for ‘forensic’ type work. For example, say you have an issue but you don’t know how or why it started, the sway technique can be used to ask the subconscious questions to determine the cause of the problem. Although you may not consciously remember the root of the issue, your subconscious remembers everything that has ever happened to you and is able to tell you, through the use of kinesiology based methods, such as the Sway Technique.

Watch the Sway Technique video demonstration

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The Sway Technique is especially useful for those who are over-dependent or addicted to tarot readers and psychics, to help them to search within themselves for the answers they seek. This is an area I specialise in and is one of the techniques I teach in my course: Be Psychic Free – please click here for further details: Be Psychic Free Course |

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